Unicef launches book on profile of Malaysian children

The United Nations Children Fund (Unicef) Malaysia today launched a book, Profile of Children in Malaysia - The Implementation of Children's Rights With Equity.

Its representative, Wivina Belmonte said the book consolidated publicly-available information related to children, and the information was analysed through a child right lens, general data and national research.

She said the book enabled one to assess the situation of children in key areas like education, health, standard of living, care and protection.

Belmonte said the book was not just about results of past efforts but served as a baseline to monitor further implementation of children's rights across the country.

"We hope this publication becomes an important reference in future planning for children, especially in preparation for the 11th Malaysia Plan," she said, adding that Malaysia should beam with pride over the significant improvements on realising children's well-being over the years.

Datuk Dr Rahamat Bivi Yusoff, director-general of the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) in the Prime Minister's Department, who launched the book, said EPU welcomed such moves which provided better care for children and women in Malaysia.

"The book provides a baseline to monitor the progress towards national and international goals and targets aimed at promoting the well-being of children," she said.- Bernama, December 11, 2013.


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