Malaysian-made hit vacuum cleaners finally hit our shores

KUALA LUMPUR, June 17 — The Dyson range of vacuum cleaners which have become a hit in many countries will be sold in Malaysia for the first time despite being manufactured in Johor for the past nine years.

UK based Dyson’s vacuum cleaners have become highly sought after in major markets such as US, Canada, UK, Spain and Switzerland despite premium prices due to innovations such as its bagless technology which it says will prevent the vaccum cleaner from losing suction power over time unlike conventional vacuum cleaners. The bagless technology also means consumers will not have to handle the dirty bags when they become full.

The reason for that was it took some time for the company to find a suitable distributor for its designer appliances said Dyson chief executive Martin McCourt.

“We wanted to do Malaysia properly and find a visionary distributor,” McCourt told The Malaysian Insider during a special preview of its products recently.

It’s other innovation, the bladeless fan, also known as the Air Multiplier, which appears to generate a constant stream of air from nothing more than a futuristic metal band, was recently launched in Australia and Dyson says it now has a 64 per cent market share.

Virtually all its products are made just outside Johor Bahru where it also maintains a large engineering team who do design and testing work.

He added that Dyson is committed to Malaysia and has been constantly investing in equipment and re-tooling of engineers.

“In 2002, we made 1.5 million vacuum cleaners here but we made three times that number in 2009,” said McCourt.

He said that the privately held company has been experiencing double digit growth and had a turnover of GBP 750 million last year and a profit of GBP190 million.

The company is also the second largest filer of patents in the UK, after Rolls Royce.

Another Dyson product which has generated much buzz is its hand dryer which is also known as the Airblade.

The appliance does not use heated air to dry hands but instead forces specially purified air at 400mph out of a vent the thickness of a human eye lash that scrapes water off hands.

As it does not use a heater, energy costs are cut by 80 per cent.



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