Thomson Reuters, bond firm launch sukuk indices

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 12 — Thomson Reuters and Bond Pricing Agency Malaysia launched a series of ringgit bond and sukuk indices today aimed at improving transparency for investors.

The indices include RM108-denominated sukuk and bond indices that cover six bond classes with market capitalisation of US$182 billion (RM570.73 billion), the companies said in a statement.

“The Malaysian sukuk and bond markets are becoming increasingly important for Gulf, European and US entities as investors and companies turn to investing and financing opportunities in Asia,” said Rushdi Siddiqui, global head of Islamic finance for Thomson Reuters.

Malaysia has the world’s largest sukuk market, accounting for 34.7 per cent of total global issuance of US$28.8 billion last year, according to Thomson Reuters data.

HSBC and Citigroup also offer indices that track the performance of Islamic bonds. — Reuters 



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