Orders open for Twingo RS, the cheapest F1-inspired car

The Renault Twingo Gordini R.S. — Picture courtesy of RenaultThe Renault Twingo Gordini R.S. — Picture courtesy of RenaultGENEVA, Feb 22 — The new Renault Twingo RS has gone on sale in Europe for the first time, bringing yet another race-inspired consumer model to the roads.

The Twingo RS, which builds on the Twingo re-launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show, features a “feisty” 1.6L 16V engine, along with enlarged brakes and new 16-inch alloy wheels.

Perhaps most notably, Renault has opted to infuse the RS with a host of elements taken from its Formula 1 team, including a front-bumper sporting the distinctive aerodynamic blades of an F1 car.

At the rear, drivers will find a reshaped rear bumper, with “aerodynamic extensions” for the back wheels and a spoiler which gives Renault's popular city car a particularly aggressive appearance.

Application of race styling on consumer cars isn't particularly rare, but at just €16,900 (RM67,600), the Twingo RS has to be about the most economical way for race-lovers to show off their passion through their everyday car.

The Lotus Elise, for instance, was developed by racing pioneer Lotus as a road-going sports car and is clearly inspired by the team's Formula One success and experience, but it starts at £29,050, twice the price of the diminutive Twingo RS.

Of course, real F1 lovers will have been saving for the Ferrari 458 Italia, which traces its lineage all the way back to the Ferrari/McLaren battles in Formula One in the 1980s (when both developed road cars building on their respective technologies), might seem a steal at €214,500.

For the ultimate Formula One experience, the styling and technology inside the McLaren MP4-12C are about as close to the race track as it gets, with a 0-100kph time of under 3.5 seconds and a pricetag of  €202,500 — enough to buy nine Renault Twingo RS models. — AFP/Relaxnews


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