Elite’s Vick Mihaci: Androgyny and Asian models are in

President of Elite Management Worldwide Vick Mihaci. – AFP picPresident of Elite Management Worldwide Vick Mihaci. – AFP picNEW YORK, Feb 18 – During the next Paris Fashion Week (Feb 26 - March 6), all eyes will be on the models showcasing the biggest designers’ prêt-à-porter pieces.

Vick Mihaci, President of Elite Management Worldwide, talks about various aspects of modeling and gives us an insight into the industry’s future.

Relaxnews: Over the past few years, who has been Elite’s best discovery?

Vick Mihaci: The French top model Sigrid Agren, who was discovered thanks to the Elite Model Look competition in 2006. She quickly went on to become one of the faces of Chanel.

R: Which model has had the biggest influence on the world of fashion?

VM: Kate Moss, without a doubt.

R: Which model who didn’t seem to stand a chance became an it-model?

VM: The gorgeous American top model Kristen McMenamy. Even if fashion circles loved her, the wider public found her beauty less accessible.

R: What are the key elements required to become and remain a good model?

VM: You need to be both tough and professional.

R: In the 1990s, top models like Cindy Crawford and Karen Mulder were discovered. It happens less these days. What is the difference between the two time periods? 

VM: At the moment, there are a lot of models so there is more competition. It is much harder to have a lasting career.

R: What type of models will designers be after in 2013 and 2014?

VM: In the coming months, androgyny, longilineal figures and Asian models will be very in demand.

R: Which Asian models are currently doing well on the European market?

VM: Sun Fei Fei and Ming Xi are the two Asian top models doing very well at the moment.

R: Which Western models could do well on the Asian market?

VM: Constance Jablonski, who is the face of Estée Lauder, is a perfect example of a Western model whose beauty really appeals to people in Asia.

R: Are there physical or mental differences between Asian models and Western models?

VM: Asian models are much more thorough and they handle stress better. They are very disciplined and very strong mentally.

R: Why are designers increasingly attracted to these models?

VM: Simply because the Asian market has huge economic potential. It is a market that is really emerging in the world of fashion.

R: Would it be fair to say that there is a new generation of models?

VM: Not really. But for several years now, the continent has been opening up to the world. Mentalities have evolved.

R: Through this explosion of Asian models, especially Chinese, could Shanghai become the fifth fashion capital of the world?

VM: Yes, why not? That is one of the reasons why we opened an agency in Shanghai and we are hoping to open more offices in China over the next few years. – AFP-Relaxnews