Management tip: Make decisions less stressful

BOSTON, Sept 18 — Many times the antidote for overloaded consumers isn’t more options at the store shelf, it’s decision simplicity, says Harvard Business Review.

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“When asked, consumers almost always say they want more options. But their purchasing behaviour often indicates otherwise. Consumers are often overwhelmed by the flood of product information and choices available to them. Many report unnecessarily agonising over trivial purchases.

This cognitive overload causes them to make poor decisions, repeatedly change their minds, give up on purchases altogether, or regret the purchases they do make — none of which is good for your brand.

Help your customers simplify their decisions. You can reduce choice by getting rid of less popular products. Or you can simplify their choices by helping them navigate their options and giving them trustworthy information they can use to weigh the alternatives.”

* Today’s management tip was adapted from If Customers Ask for More Choice, Don’t Listen, by Karen Freeman, Patrick Spenner and Anna Bird.

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