Singapore introduces robot dog to keep seniors fit

A therapeutic robot baby seal called ‘Paro’. – AFP picA therapeutic robot baby seal called ‘Paro’. – AFP picLOS ANGELES, Feb 2 – Singapore inventors have created the country’s first robotic dog to help the elderly stay active.

Eric, short for Elderly Rehabilitative Interactive Companion, aims to help take the boredom out of monotonous therapy exercises while also providing seniors some companionship, reports The Straits Times.

According to the report, the robot’s developers at Singapore Polytechnic launched a yearlong pilot programme last February at Ling Kwang Home for Senior Citizens.

“I am more motivated to do the exercises now because it is such a marvel to see something inanimate react to us,” said Lim Kok Leong, 92, who has lived in the home for more than two decades, writes The Strait Times.

Japanese researchers have also developed a teddybear robot designed to comfort the country’s growing aging population by reading facial expressions and actions and responding to them.

Another cuddly Japanese invention is the high-tech baby seal Paro, which coos and flaps its flippers to ease loneliness among the elderly and prevent depression and even dementia, according to its developers. – AFP/Relaxnews


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