The snow grip, a new accessory for your stilettos

WinterTrax shoe grips adapt to all kinds of footwear. – AFP picWinterTrax shoe grips adapt to all kinds of footwear. – AFP pic

LONDON, Dec 26 – Footcare company Implus has unveiled a peculiar-looking fashion accessory for the snowy season.

Its WinterTrax shoe grips adapt to all kinds of footwear, from stilettos to loafers and even ballerina flats.

Stretching over the soles of shoes like snow chains on tires, the pikeless grips are designed to facilitate fall-free walks across all kinds of icy or slippery paths.  

Although the traction device may not make a style statement in and of itself, WinterTrax could be a boon to fashionistas who can’t resist putting on their teetering, towering footwear even in extreme weather conditions.

Also available for men’s footwear, the grips retail for €14.90 (RM74). – AFP-Relaxnews


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