Rave on: Londoners re-live dancing days with kids in tow

 Children enjoy the music and entertainment at the Big Fish Little Fish ‘2-4 Hour Party People’ event in Brixton, South London. The event allows children to experience a child-friendly nightclub experience with live DJ sets, chill-out areas and club-style lighting. – AFP pic, April 18, 2014.The bass is pumping, the lights are low and the dance floor of the club is heaving. It's the weekend and the young man is enjoying himself – until someone steals his balloon. Dressed in a Spiderman outfit, the four-year-old boy runs to his dad by the bar to complain, before receiving a glow-stick as consolation. Such are the... Read More

A Palestinian girl looks out from inside her family

A Palestinian girl looks out from inside her family's house in the northern Gaza Strip. Seven years into an Israeli blockade and nine months into a crippling Egyptian one, Gaza's economic growth has evaporated and unemployment soared to almost 40% by end of last year. – Reuters, April 18, 2014

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Gaza cops trade bullets for laser-tech in training

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