Burger King in the UK launches lamb burger

March 30, 2012

Burger King's lamb burger may be a novelty for British palates. — AFP-Relaxnews picBurger King's lamb burger may be a novelty for British palates. — AFP-Relaxnews picLONDON, March 30 — In another sign that major burger chains around the world are shifting their focus away from beef products, Burger King in the UK has launched a flatbread lamb burger – a first for the chain.

Seasoned with spices and served in a rosemary flatbread, with salad, chili ketchup and mint yogurt sauce, the lamb burger was trialled in February for eight weeks in Scotland prior to being rolled out in the UK.

Last year trade publication predicted that growing demand and the rising price of beef would have a major impact on the fast food market, which hinges on beef patties.

And while Wendy’s and McDonald’s have been busy launching new chicken-based products, however, Burger King’s foray into lamb could be construed as a big risk and departure for the chain given that the “other red meat” has not yet penetrated the mainstream fast food world.

Meanwhile, Burger King has been fighting an uphill battle after slipping to third place behind Wendy’s recently in terms of total annual sales, as reported by market research group Technomic this month.

In the US, the brand has also been busy launching new items from a revamped menu including chicken-based Garden Fresh Salads, reformulated Chicken Strips and Crispy Chicken Snack Wraps, reported this week – once again pointing to the renewed focus on promoting non-beef products.

New US breakfast items also include Southwestern Burritos and Cinnabon buns, part of another larger trend among fast food chains to offer larger breakfast menus. Taco Bell, for instance, recently launched similar items for the morning crowd. — AFP-Relaxnews