Courvoisier launches brandy ‘lab’ to attract more consumers

Courvoisier Gold: Crafted to appeal to a younger audience.©Courvoisier GoldCourvoisier Gold: Crafted to appeal to a younger audience.©Courvoisier GoldNEW YORK, April 6 — A brandy that prides itself as being the cognac of Napoleon has launched what it’s calling “Courvoisiology”, a campaign developed to try and catch a wider — and younger — audience.

At a red carpet event in New York this week, the cognac house enlisted the star power of singer Kelly Rowland to help launch the cognac “lab”, which will try to highlight the spirit’s versatility, move away from brandy’s stodgy reputation, and attract young urban professionals.

In recent years, for example, Courvoisier has hitched itself to wine and spirit trends, launching a Courvoisier Rosé, a blend of cognac and French red wine grapes — a nod to the ever-growing thirst for rosé wines.

A report by global market research group Euromonitor, for example, found that while sales of red and light wines declined in 2011, sales of rosé wine grew 3 per cent in Western Europe, particularly among young, female consumers.

The popularity of rosé wines is also noteworthy in France, where consumption shot up from 11 per cent in 1990 to 27 per cent in 2011, says the Conseil Interprofessionel des Vins de Provence, which represents winemakers from the south of France.

Last year, the brand also launched a Courvoisier Gold, a blend of cognac and Moscato wine from the south of France.

Moscato, a sweet, fruity, aromatic wine, has been called “the new Cristal” for being peddled by hip hop artists such as Nelly, Drake, Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane, and has likewise enjoyed meteoric growth in recent years, spiking 73 per cent in 2011 over 2010.

It’s a trend that SKYY Vodka also tapped into with its latest product launch, SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape in the US.

The Courvoisiology lab, meanwhile, has been created to lure a wider range of consumers and introduce different ways of using the spirit.

“Top” mixologists from the US, for instance, have been enlisted to create cocktail recipes using the brandies.

Sunset in Paris, for example, uses Courvoisier Gold, Amaretto, and OJ, while the Golden Bellini is flavoured with Courvoisier Gold and Peach Schnapps and Prosecco.

More Courvoisiology events are to to be held in Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta this fall. Details can be found on the brand’s Facebook page. — AFP/Relaxnews


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