Erawan celebrates Songkran

The candied carrot roses are a centrepiece on this table of sumptuous Thai desserts. The candied carrot roses are a centrepiece on this table of sumptuous Thai desserts.

KUALA LUMPUR, May 2 — The Songkran Festival is when Thai chef Korn Yodsuk of Erawan draws upon his impressive culinary repertoire to amaze his guests, mostly loyal diners at his restaurant, and friends.

This year Songkran was also for celebrating Erawan’s moving up to the No 2 spot in Malaysia’s Top 5 Restaurants in the Miele Guide 2012.

Last year, Korn served the exquisite Khao Chae; it is rice in chilled jasmine-scented water, served with at least seven condiments.

This year the indefatigable Korn decided to do Thai canapés, and it involved detailed crafting by the chef himself. The canapés were an explosion of colours, textures and tastes.

To begin, we were totally charmed by the sight of a bunch of pretty candied carrot roses that the Erawan staff had lovingly made for the centrepiece of the dessert table.

They were edible, and at the end of the event, guests were even offered a stalk of it to eat or take home.

Like the flowers, some of the Thai desserts were almost too pretty to eat. Take the lup chup, those miniature fruits and vegetables with their glossy agar agar skin and mung bean fillings. Foy Thong, the gossamer gold egg yolks thread; banana and coconut pudding; black pulut with longan; sago balls; and sticky rice of different colours and fillings crowded the table.

Korn asked me later if I liked the mocha balls filled with coconut, almond, chocolate chip and dark Belgian chocolate. They were absolutely divine. I also loved the sticky and aromatic banana pudding, the blue sticky rice that was sweet and salty and of course the lup chup.

The easy on the eyes and tongue Pineapple filled with chicken sauce and cucumber rolls with salmon sashimi.The easy on the eyes and tongue Pineapple filled with chicken sauce and cucumber rolls with salmon sashimi.Never be shy about approaching the dessert table first, especially if it’s Thai desserts and are created by Korn.

On the savoury side was the delicious deepfried hummingbird flower stuffed with prawn paste, and  pineapple filled with a minced chicken sauce.

I was bowled over by the smoked duck with lychee and panaeng sauce. The same smoked duck and sauce was served atop mashed potato with basil and it  tasted wonderful.

The bite-szied Chicken and Pineapple Skewers.The bite-szied Chicken and Pineapple Skewers.The egg net parcels filled with a sour and hot prawn salad with avocado were amazing. The cucumber roll with salmon sashimi, red chilli, garlic and lime juice made for fresh, tangy bites. The prawn and scallop with sweet basil sauce was a mouthful of delightful textures and flavours.

The grilled eggplant topped with crabmeat and caviar tasted delicate and sublime. The grilled wagyu with panaeng sauce was luscious and memorable.

Looks delighful? Hummingbird flower stuffed with prawn paste.Looks delighful? Hummingbird flower stuffed with prawn paste.There was also Thai laksa, with a choice of green curry chicken or fish. I chose the creamy fish, and each mouthful was just full of flavours. We also had scrumptious beef noodles served to us at the table.

The chef and his partner Anan hosted guests in the afternoon, and then again in the evening, where some more gastronomical surprises were sprung on his guests who included Takeshi Kimura of Cilantro, which  was listed No 1 for Malaysia again in the current Miele Guide.

The amazing Chef Korn (right) and his partner Anan.The amazing Chef Korn (right) and his partner Anan.Songkran is also an occasion for Chef Korn to introduce some new dishes. Visit to find out more.

Erawan is located at No. 22-1, Jln PJU 5/16, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya. Tel: 03-6141 2393.



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