New app matches special dietary needs with restaurants

NEW YORK, April 5 — A new app has been developed to help vegetarians, vegans and diners with food allergies or other food preferences find a restaurant that caters to their special dietary needs.

Called Turnyp, the app works with the user’s food preferences — 22 in total — that include everything from high protein and low-carb to organic and Paleo meals and helps them find a nearby restaurant that can cater to their diets.

The app has a database of 80,000 US eateries and can also be synced to Facebook so that users can share their meal experiences with others.

It’s the latest app to try and capture the growing market of consumers with food preferences or allergies in the US.

AllergyEats was also designed to help diners with allergies and works by providing user-generated reviews and feedback on how well — or how poorly — restaurants accommodate the needs of consumers with special dietary needs.

Similarly, Allergen Menu allows consumers to input their food allergies or intolerances into the app, which will then deliver meal ideas from 85 restaurant and fast food chains that fit their dietary profile.
Turnyp is still in beta phase. — AFP/Relaxnews 


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