Black Rose book launch cancelled, available online, says Deepak

By Zurairi AR
January 02, 2013
Latest Update: January 04, 2013 11:08 pm

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 2 — The launch of a 26-page booklet titled “The Black Rose” was derailed by PKR’s Rafizi Ramli’s revelation earlier today, controversial businessman Deepak Jaikishan said this evening.

The carpet dealer confessed to being the author of the booklet, which claims to tell the true story behind private investigator P Balasubramaniam’s second statutory declaration (SD).

“Yes ... Honestly, it took me one day to draft the whole thing,” Deepak (picture) said in a press conference today.

The businessman was planning a launch of the book today before Rafizi decided to hold a press conference this morning alleging Deepak’s involvement as a jewellery middleman for a local dignitary.

“I had planned to launch my book and also take the next step further on the exposures.

“Unfortunately the process has been derailed by an article that has come out from Rafizi from PKR,” he said, referring to Rafizi’s post on his blog.

Besides his own blog, Rafizi’s press conference was also covered by a number of news outlets.

Because of the serious allegations by the PKR politician, Deepak’s legal counsel has advised him against the book launch and to contemplate his next move.

Deepak told reporters that he has no intention to sell the booklet, and will make it available for free online.

“I’m not here to profit from that. I’m here to tell the truth.

“If you can afford to print it and distribute, feel free. I’ll put there ‘copyright free’,” he said.

As for the copies that have already been printed, Deepak said he will be gifting them to his close friends and acquaintances.

PKR’s Rafizi Ramli today revealed bank transaction records between controversial businessman Deepak Jaikishan and two jewellery suppliers amounting to US$4 million (RM12.15 million), saying the purchases were excessive for one man.

The PKR strategy director alleged the documents showed that Deepak’s involvement as a jewellery middleman for a local dignitary was more than just rumours.

“Logically, if you look at the summary of accounts ... Deepak bought and paid progressively a total of US$3.66 million for jewellery. I can’t say that Deepak bought all of them for himself,” he told a press conference here today.

Rafizi provided the press with copies of transaction records, including one for a US$115,000 purchase of polished diamonds from Dehres Ltd, a fine jewellery supplier from Hong Kong.

Another document detailed transactions worth US$3.9 million involving the purchases of rings, necklaces and earrings from Firestone Co Ltd, another Hong Kong-based fine jewellery supplier.