FELDA settlers ‘shed tears of joy’ after windfall announcement

May 08, 2012

Settlers of FELDA Jengka 8 at today’s announcement. — Picture by Choo Choy MaySettlers of FELDA Jengka 8 at today’s announcement. — Picture by Choo Choy MayJERANTUT, May 8 — FELDA settlers were described as “shedding tears of joy” by Bernama Online following the prime minister’s announcement today that they were to expect a windfall of RM15,000 each following the listing of FELDA Global Venture Holding (FGVH).

This means that 112,635 settler families nationwide will receive the equivalent of a total amount of RM1.689 billion.

Those met by the news portal at the event in FELDA Jengka 8 were described as “ecstatic”.

Terengganu Region Women Movement Group (GPW) chairman, Wan Saedah Wan Musa, said the PM’s announcement scuppers recent claims by the opposition over the listing.

She told Bernama that the listing would raise the dignity of settlers when FELDA conducts business on an international level.

FELDA Auxiliary Police Yaakob Musa added, “Although we are not settlers, we get the same benefit from FGVH through the payment of additional bonuses of two-and-a-half months over and above the normal annual bonus.”

Mohd. Asri Ab. Wahab, part of the second generation of FELDA settlers, on the other hand, said the windfall proves that Najib is “visionary”.

He also called recent action by some settlers regretful as they had allowed themselves to be exploited by the opposition to foil government support of the listing.