Attempt to overthrow government very unlikely, says former IGP

A retired top cop said there will be no attempt to topple the government as claimed by certain quarters as Malaysians are rational.

Tan Sri Norian Mai, a former Inspector-General of Police (1999-2003), said the culture and scenario in Malaysia was different from the Arab Spring demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt.

“The background in the Arab Spring differs. I believe in the capability of the police (if there are attempts to overthrow the government). I am confident that Malaysians are rational and this will not happen,” he told the press.

Norian, who is Yayasan Pengaman Malaysia chairperson, said this when asked whether he believed there were attempts to overthrow the democratically-elected government, as claimed by certain quarters in light of tomorrow’s protest on New Year’s eve.

Several students and NGO groups have declared that they will protest at Dataran Merdeka over price hikes faced by the public next year.

Police have arrested and remanded a 25-year-old youth in Sarawak over a Facebook posting which allegedly urged the public to participate in the rally to overthrow the government. - December 30, 2013.