Get valid GE13 results from the Election Commission

KUALA LUMPUR, April 30 – The public should get valid 13th general election (GE) results from the Election Commission (EC) and not base them on unsubstantiated information received from other parties.

EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof reminded agents of political parties outside counting centres not to spread information on the results before announcement by the EC to avoid confusion.

“The spread of such information not only interfere with the election process but cause irresponsible parties to take advantage of them. Wait for the election results from the EC,” he told reporters after observing early voting at Kem Wardieburn, Jalan Genting Klang and the Police Training Centre, Jalan Semarak here today.

Rejecting the notion by some quarters that the EC was subservient to the government, Abdul Aziz said that victory or defeat of candidates or parties can only be determined by the voters and not the EC.

He said that the EC was independent body and thus should not be disputed by any party.

“If the EC role is to ensure that BN wins, why these people work very hard. Look at our Prime Minister, he works very hard, how many hours daily I do not know. If they know they can easily win, why work so hard?

“In Malaysia, candidates win not because of help from the EC and those who lose are not because the EC did not help.

“The EC is independent, the kings are the voters who decide the winner or the loser and nobody can challenge them.”

Abdul Aziz also denied allegations that the EC was not transparent in conducting the general election.

“The EC will not cheat, not at all. The ballot papers are carried out and opened in the presence of agents of parties who together will open the envelope. We never take ballot papers from the box, impossible, really impossible.”

Abdul Aziz reminded the group planning to create chaos on polling day (Sunday) not to pursue the idea because the police have already identified them.

He hopes the election will proceed smoothly and urges the people, especially supporters of political parties, not to be too emotional as to impact national security but use common sense to ensure peace. – Bernama


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