Harakah returns next week

Mustafa holds up a copy of Harakah. - Picture by Jack OoiMustafa holds up a copy of Harakah. - Picture by Jack OoiKUALA LUMPUR, July 16 — PAS official newsletter Harakah will be on sale again next week following the renewal of its printing permit by the Home Ministry.

Harakah board of directors chairman Datuk Mustafa Ali today said that the newsletter will be on sale beginning next week with no changes in its reporting scope.

However, he said, the July 16-19 issue will not be published today as the newsletter had missed its printing deadline.

Harakah is published twice weekly on Mondays and Fridays and has a circulation of 100,000. Its annual printing permit expired on July 7.

The Home Ministry, on July 8, sent Harakah a show-cause letter for selling copies to non-party members and selling copies at non-designated locations.

The newsletter also received a second show-cause letter on July 13 for printing and distributing the July 12-15 issue although its printing permit had expired five days earlier.

Following Harakah management’s reply to the show-cause letters, the ministry on Wednesday renewed its printing permit on condition that it is only sold at party offices and to party members only.

Mustafa today said that party workers will speak to vendors on the distribution of Harakah to party members only.

“They [vendors] say they sell the newsletters only to members. But I must say that it is difficult to know if someone is really a party member,” he told reporters at the party headquarters at Jalan Raja Laut.

Mustafa also observed that the definition of the term “party offices” is hard to be interpreted.

“Mosques as well party members’ houses can also be defined as party offices,” he said.

Asked if Harakah will be printed daily, Mustafa said although there are discussions on the matter, the newsletter will only be printed twice a week for the time being.

Mustafa added that Harakah will not be joining Pakatan Rakyat’s call to suspend the publications of its three party organs.

“We discussed about this when our permit was still not renewed. Now that it has been renewed, we will continue publishing Harakah,” said Mustafa.

The Home Ministry had slapped Suara Keadilan with show-cause letters for running allegedly defamatory articles. Its printing permit was not renewed after it expired on June 30.

Ministry officials also issued two show-cause letters to DAP’s English and Chinese language editions for publishing without permits.



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