Kenyalang Shell Press Awards may include Iban language category next year

KUCHING, Oct 21 —  The 25th edition of the Kenyalang Shell press awards next year may include a news category in the Iban language, pending a study on its feasibility, said Shell Malaysia Corporate Affairs general manager Frank Saing.

He said the proposal through the Federation of the Sarawak Journalists Associations (FSJA) as the Kadazandusun language has also been long given due recognition for the Kinabalu Shell Press Awards for some years now.

“I will direct my corporate affairs to study its feasibility and also how it is done in Sabah for the Kadazandusun category,” he said at the Kenyalang Shell Press Awards 2012 prize presentation here last night.

Also present were FSJA president Sulok Tawie, Kuching Journalists Association (KDJA) president Alice Wee, Commonwealth Journalists Association (CJA) Sarawak chairman Caroline Jackson and Sarawak Information Director Resat Salleh.

However, Saing said, the new inclusion would depend on the number of entries submitted to make the category worthwhile to introduce.

Meanwhile, Bernama journalist Hamdan Ismail won third prize in the Health Journalism award Bahasa Malaysia reporting category with his article “Bot Klinik 1Malaysia Atasi Kesukaran Penduduk Tinggal Di Pinggir Sungai” and another third prize in News Reporting Award (Bahasa Malaysia) entitled “Masa Depan Penghuni Rumah Panjang”.

The state’s leading English daily, The Borneo Post and local Bahasa Malaysia newspaper, Utusan Sarawak, dominated the main prizes in the awards, with Borneo Post’s Ting Tieng Hee and Othman Ishak grabbing the top prizes in the English Sports Reporting and the Photograph Award respectively.

Borneo Post’s Joanna Yap Yew won the Environmental Journalism award, Doreena Naeg (Health Journalism) and Chai Li Tiing (Business and Economy Journalism).

Utusan Sarawak earned top prizes through Awang Mohamad Kushairy (Photograph Award), Haini Darani for Environmental Journalism and Journalism Award, and Norliza Tinggal (Health Journalism) for the Bahasa Malaysia category.

Other first prize winners were Steve Annuar of Utusan Borneo (Malay news reporting), Shirley Liaw Yee Chieh (United Daily News) for Chinese news reporting, and Puvaneswary Devindran and Zora Sharon Chan Mei (The Star) for English news reporting.

Other winners include Sudan Ajang from Utusan Borneo (Bahasa Malaysia) sport news reporting, Chu Mei Hui and Chong You Kiat (United Daily News) for Chinese sports news reporting, Tan Siok Siok (United Daily News) for Chinese photograph, Choo Chiew Lin (International Times) (Chinese environmental journalism), Ho Lee Peing (Sin  Chew Daily) (Chinese health journalism), Lee Chin Guan (International Times) (Chinese journalism), and Zora Sharon Chan Mei Ching (The Star) for English journalism.

Berita Harian’s Hifzuddin Ikhsan won the Bahasa Malaysia reporting and Chin Sau Leong (International Times) for Chinese news reporting in the Business and Economy category.

Araffie Igat of TV3 received four merit prizes for broadcasting entries in environmental journalism, health journalism, business and economy and journalism award.

This year’s 24th Kenyalang Shell Press Awards received 250 entries in eight categories, each in three different languages, English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese. — Bernama