Khalid mocks Hasan Ali as an ‘Umno contractor’

BANGI, March 30 — Selangor PAS deputy chief Khalid Samad has rubbished Datuk Dr Hasan Ali’s claims to leading a “third force”, deriding him as an Umno stooge instead.

The Shah Alam MP alleged that Hasan, who was sacked from PAS in January for breaching party discipline, was planning to field candidates via the latter’s new NGO JATI in the next election to split the opposition vote.

“He is not a third force, just a contractor for Umno...,” Khalid (picture) told some 700 people at Stadium MPKJ here last night.

“He will field nine candidates under JATI to create three-cornered fights in seats that PAS intends contest to allow Umno to win.”

He also flayed Hasan for repeatedly claiming PAS’s Islamic ideals have been corrupted by “parasites” in the party, calling the latter the true “parasite”.

The PAS central political bureau member noted that he had joined PAS some five years before Hasan did, and pointed out to cheers from the crowd that “the one that comes later is the parasite”.

Khalid said that “PAS has given [Hasan] everything”, including his Gombak Setia state assembly seat, which allowed him to draw a comfortable salary.

He added that the former Selangor PAS commissioner’s claims that the DAP will run the show if Pakatan Rakyat (PR) seizes Putrajaya was nonsense as the secular, Chinese-majority opposition party was only going to contest some 50 federal seats.

“I challenge him to do a new thesis... If DAP wants to do what they like, they have to win at least 112 seats,” he said.

“I want to know how they can win 112 seats by contesting only 50 seats. If he can prove it, I’ll give him an extra PhD — penipu hebat dunia (world’s great liar).”

Hasan was axed from PAS on January 8 for urging opposition supporters to avoid a rally held the next day in support of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as his sodomy trial verdict was handed down.

He was later removed as Selangor state executive councillor for religious affairs, Malay customs, infrastructure and public amenities.

Hasan then set up JATI to defend Islam, Malay special rights and the Malay Rulers. He has described the NGO as a “third force” which will help determine who should form the next government.


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