List of dubious voters still with NRD

PUTRAJAYA, May 8 — The list of 40,558 voters on the electoral roll whose status is considered dubious has been confirmed and their records are still with the National Registration Department (NRD), Bernama Online reported this evening.

Home Ministry Secretary-General Tan Sri Mahmood Adam said in a statement that the Election Commission (EC) would continue to adopt the electoral roll for the time being.

The statement was issued following a Technical Coordination Committee meeting on the electoral roll between the Home Ministry, the EC, NRD and the Attorney-General’s Chambers today.

It read in part, as quoted by the news portal: “In an effort to update the electoral roll, the EC has displayed it for four months for review.

“Following that, a total of 1,496 records were updated through reports of death and change from old identity cards to MyKad.”


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