Malaysia unhappy over misleading headline in Singapore’s The New Paper

A headline in Singapore's The New Paper has drawn the displeasure of the Malaysian government which claimed the paper had published a misleading and sensational headline alleging that assasination is cheap in Malaysia.  

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman in a statement today said the headline was mischievous and had conveyed the wrong impression on the security situation in Malaysia.

"We call on The New Paper not to sensationalise any item that could have detrimental effects on any party," he said.

The New Paper on July 31 had published an article titled "Welcome to Malaysia Where.... Death is Cheap and Staying Alive Costly' which also stated it took only S$2,000 (RM5,000) to hire a hitman.

The article received negative responses with many parties saying it was unethical and demanded the daily apologise for insulting Malaysia. - Bernama, August 2, 2013