Man shoots robber dead to save daughter

TAIPING, Feb 8 – A man fired shots in the direction of four robbers who had broken into his house to save his daughter who was almost abducted by the criminals at their double-storey bungalow in Taman Pengawai Kerajaan, Assam Kumbang here at 3am today.

Taiping police chief ACP Yusof Mohd Diah said one of the robbers, believed to be an Indonesian in his 40s, was later found dead in some bushes about 100 metres from the house.

He said the father, Abdul Jalil Abdul Wahab, 63, was a former deputy police chief of Kota Setar in Kedah.

“Prior to the shooting, three of the four robbers, all wearing masks, had broken into the house through the upper floor occupied by his daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren.

“When his daughter, who the robbers held as a hostage, started calling for help, her father grabbed his pistol and, after viewing the security CCTV installed in his home, went after the robbers,” he told reporters here.

He said Abdul Jalil fired two warning shots in the direction of the robbers which caused them the flee the scene.

He added that no one in the family was hurt and that police had launched a manhunt for the remaining suspects.

Abdul Jalil, in recounting the incident, said when his daughter Jazlina, 28, called for help and knocked on his door, he quickly grabbed his pistol and assessed the situation via his CCTV.

“I noticed the robbers were at my door. I slowly opened it and braved myself to shoot in their direction,” he said, adding that after that he fired another shot at the robbers who had started fleeing in panic.

Jazlina said the robbers herded her husband and children to the ground floor before approaching the father’s room not knowing that he was armed with a pistol.

She said that she was glad all her family members escaped unhurt in the incident. – Bernama



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