Mustafa Ali says will fight Umno’s sex video suit

KUALA LUMPUR, April 27 — Datuk Mustafa Ali said today he will meet Umno’s court challenge after being slapped with a defamation suit for claiming the country’s largest political party to be behind a sex video allegedly starring the senior PAS leader.

But the PAS secretary-general refused to comment further on the scandalous video that surfaced on the Internet just days before Nomination Day on April 20, saying he has passed the matter to his lawyer to handle.

“I will fight Umno’s suit, they sued three, me, Zul and Asmuni,” Mustafa (picture) told a news conference, referring to Zulkifli Sulong, the editor-in-chief of the party’s paper Harakah Daily, and his lawyer for the case, Asmuni Awi.

“About the video, I refused to speak further. We will fight it first. If want to hear more come to my ceramah in Rusila, Terengganu on May 3,” he added.

Mustafa has clammed up since the sex video scorcher emerged showing a man resembling him having sex with a mystery woman, leaving his lawyer and party colleagues to defend his reputation.

PAS leaders brushed aside the video as probably “fake” and the “dirty tactics” of political foes ahead of Election 2013.

The video has appeared on a number of mostly Umno websites and blogs, all of which claim the footage was the work of PAS’s ally PKR.

Umno filed a defamation suit against PAS on April 23, claiming Mustafa and his lawyer had caused five defamatory articles against the Barisan Nasional party to be published in the Harakah Daily and Malaysiakini websites on April 12 and 13.

In the statement of claim, Umno executive secretary Datuk Ab. Rauf Yusoh said the offending words implied that the party was the mastermind behind the sex video clip and that it was distributed for election campaigning purposes.

Umno’s lawyer Datuk Mohd Hafarizam Harun was reported as saying the party wanted to make it clear that it had nothing to do with “gutter politics”.



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