Najib: ‘Wasatiyyah’ concept must prevail for a progressive nation

January 23, 2013

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 23 — The concept of “wasatiyyah” or moderation, as taught by Prophet Muhammad, should prevail to ensure the mission of building a progressive and competitive nation was achieved, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. 

In his message in conjunction with Prophet Muhammad’s birthday celebration tomorrow, Najib (picture) said the Prophet was a role model who practised moderation in his life and the concept had brought about unity and solidarity of Muslims throughout the world. 

“Moderation as practised by the Prophet has resulted in creating the momentum to drive the development of each race and country in the world. 

“Therefore, this momentum needs to continue to ensure our mission to build a progressive and competitive country is achieved,” he said in his personal blog, today. 

The prime minister said Malaysia’s ability to strengthen relations between the West and Islamic world was highlighted by former Asean secretary-general Dr Surin Pitsuwan as a successful model of the moderate approach, as practised by the Malaysian government in handling various issues and conflicts in the region.

He said the practice of moderation in Malaysia had become the best example to Islamic countries in resolving regional issues, including Malaysia’s success as mediator in the southern Philippine conflict, which proved that it was not only respected among Islamic countries but also among western countries.

“I have just made a humanitarian visit to Palestine to show our full support for the struggle of the Palestinians in facing the Zionist regime in Gaza and offered to help as a middle person to bring peace between Hamas and Fatah. 

“The fact is that the world recognises Malaysia as an important voice for peace. Therefore, we need to maintain ourselves as a credible and respected government at the international level,” he said. 

In ending his message, Najib called on Muslims in Malaysia to spread peace and blessings to the Prophet as a sign of love and affection for him. 

“The Prophet was indeed the greatest man, thus we should also strive to become great Muslims. 

“I pray the celebration this time will move us in our struggle to attain goodness in this world and hereafter as enjoined by the Prophet,” he said. — Bernama