Ongkili to Senate: Don’t panic, Earth safe

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 14 — The Najib administration today assured the Dewan Negara that the mystery “Planet X” will not hit Earth and spoil its plans for beyond 2012.

Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili said the National Space Agency was working closely with international space agencies such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) over fears that “Planet X”, also known as Nibiru, was on a collision course with Earth and would impact in 2012.

“According to Nasa, there is no evidence of Nibiru’s existence in its space observatory,” national news agency Bernama reported Ongkili as saying. “So far, none of the identified space objects pose any direct threat to Earth. 

“If the planet (Nibiru) exists, it can be seen with the naked eye, and astronomers would have certainly monitored the object.” 

Ongkili was replying to a question from Malacca Senator Datuk Shamsudin Mehat.

Shamsudin, coordinating vice-chairman of the Klebang state constituency, wanted to know what the federal government was doing about the threat.

Nibiru is among Nasa’s list of frequently asked questions.

The US space agency has rubbished the theories surrounding the existence of Nibiru, but admitted there was another planet called Eris that bore a similar description on the fringe of our solar system.

“Eris is real, but it is a dwarf planet similar to Pluto that will remain in the outer solar system; the closest it can come to Earth is about four billion miles,” it said in its website (

The alleged disaster that has provided fodder for many Hollywood end-of-days blockbusters was mooted in 1995 by an American woman called Nancy Lieder, who claimed she had the ability to receive alien messages from outer space through an implant in her brain.

Further information on the issue, including videos and graphic charts on where Nibiru is said to be located, can be found in The website discusses modern science and ancient knowledge.

According to Wikipedia, the name “Nibiru” is of Babylonian origin. The word means “crossing” or “point of transition” in the ancient Akkadian language.


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