OWC sex ed drive lowering Prophet Muhammad’s dignity, says PAS muslimah

The head of the Islamist party’s Muslimah wing, Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff told The Malaysian Insider that OWC leader Fauziah Ariffin should focus on other aspects of the prophet’s greatness to commemorate his birthday rather than his carnal side.

“If we look at it from an Islamic angle, Islam upholds the sacred relationship between husband and wife but sex is not the main agenda; rather it is the contrary, to ensure the generation of offspring,” said Siti Zailah.

“So for Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, we should give thanks and see his birth as the beacon for the whole universe,” the Rantau Panjang MP added, questioning the OWC’s real motive behind the celebration.

OWC, founded by an offshoot of outlawed Islamic group Al-Arqam called Global Ikhwan, drew renewed criticism today with its new campaign titled, “The Prophet, Islam’s Sacred Sex Figure”, to commemorate Maulidur Rasul this year.

The 12-day affair, held in conjunction with the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday on February 5, is aimed at reversing moral decay in Muslim society.

Fauziah, who is OWC Malaysia president, said the campaign to draw Muslim couples to practise Prophet Muhammad’s lifestyle. She alleged that many of the religion’s adherents had grown distant from is teachings.

“Islam comes with blessings, not to place sex and carnal pleasures as its main agenda, but to raise human dignity,” Siti Zailah said, stressing that sex was only an “injection” the PAS muslimah recommended in accordance with the teachings of Islam and based on natural lust.

“To call the Rasulullah [Saviour] a sex icon, it is like placing him in an inappropriate position, marriage is not solely for sex and I strongly disagree because there are many things that can be enlarged upon,” she added.

She urged the OWC to return to the religion’s origins and re-evaluate their agenda.

The club, which started in Malaysia, has branched out to Indonesia, Singapore and Jordan, and claims to have 1,000 members, most of whom are Malaysians.

The OWC, which believes women should behave like “first-class whores” for their husbands if they wished their marriages to succeed, last hit the headlines in October when it published an explicit guide to “Islamic sex”.

The book had triggered an upset nationwide among the public and women’s rights groups and was subsequently later banned by the Home Ministry.

The ministry said the book was banned because of OWC’s links to the outlawed Al-Arqam movement, and for falling foul of the strict censorship guidelines of the Department of Islamic Development (Jakim).



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