Cops undermining own image in crackdown on rally organisers, says Kit Siang

Lim says the police should instead arrest and prosecute UMNO bloggers for irresponsible posting. - The Malaysian Insider pic, December 29, 2013.Lim says the police should instead arrest and prosecute UMNO bloggers for irresponsible posting. - The Malaysian Insider pic, December 29, 2013.The police should be more mature and professional and not support a regime that opposes democratic change, said veteran DAP leader Lim Kit Siang, following the police's questioning of PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli this morning.

“The Malaysian police force has presented a sorry spectacle of itself recently, undermining its professional image as an independent, efficient and world-class police force, but what is worse, tarnishing the international image of Malaysia by trumpeting to the world as if Malaysia has become a 'basket case' on the verge of political and economic collapse," said Lim in a statement.

Rafizi was summoned to the Dang Wangi police headquarters in Kuala Lumpur after pro-Umno blogs accused him of being involved in planning bombings on New Year's Eve.

"In other countries where there is respect for the rule of law, the police would have arrested and prosecuted the Umno blogger if he is unable to produce evidence for such irresponsible and incendiary posting.

“In Najib’s 'Malaysia Boleh', however, the victim suffers the double jeopardy of a defamatory and seditious allegation as well as being hauled up the police to prove his innocence,” Lim said in his reaction.

Lim also took to task Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar over the claim of a plot to “topple the Government” on New Year's Eve, saying he undermined the professional image of the police.

“Neither the IGP nor the police force have been be able to produce any evidence of a 'topple the Government' plot on New Year’s Eve, as Khalid was only acting on a 'hunch' or brainwave planted or inspired by Umno conspirators), and I cannot think of a more 'anti-national' act than this to end 2013,” he said in a statement.

Pro-Umno groups have lodged more than 1,000 police reports urging the authorities to act against a planned rally on Tuesday night to protest against price hikes.

The rally, organised by several student activists, will coincide with the New Year's Eve celebrations in Kuala Lumpur.

Lim, who is Gelang Patah MP, said police should not stand in the way of Malaysians who wanted to demonstrate peacefully against the series of price hikes, "so that ministers and Barisan Nasional leaders have a proper and correct understanding of the real voices and aspirations of ordinary Malaysians on these issues". – December 29, 2013.


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