RM1.3m payroll heist: 10 suspects nabbed, over RM832k recovered

MIRI, Nov 27 — The police believe they have solved a RM1.3 million payroll robbery which occurred on November 6 in Marudi, following the arrest of 10 people and seizure of RM832,887 of the loot.

Three of the suspects are staff of a contractor’s company.

Sarawak Police Commissioner Datuk Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani said the 10, aged between 19 and 65, were picked up over the past three weeks at various locations here, Sibu and Bintulu.

He said initial investigations revealed that part of the loot was used to purchase an assortment of items, including laptops and furniture.

“We are in the midst of tracking down three people, one of whom is suspected  to be the mastermind behind the heist.

“We believe the rest of the loot is with the trio,” he told reporters here today.

Meanwhile, the police have sought three people to shed light on the robbery.

They are Matu Anak Sabang, Gawan Anak Blisit and Tugau Anak Kanyan.

Matu’s last known address was at Rumah Bakom in Sungai Sebungau Suai, Niah while Gawan had last stayed at Rumah Belaja in Nanga Benin, Pelagus Kapit.

Tugau had previously stayed at Rumah Robert in Sungai Dangkar Suai, Niah.

In the 3.10pm hold-up, a group of men armed with meat cleavers and pump-action shotguns, robbed the payroll of staff working for a contractor’s company which was involved in oil and gas.

The RM1.3 million robbery, which was over in two minutes, occurred when the money was ferried by some of the company’s employees, using four-wheel-drive vehicles from Bintulu to Lapok Marudi in Miri. — Bernama


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