Shun deviant teachings, Muhyiddin tells Muslims

SERDANG, Feb 4 — Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today called on Muslims in this country to reject all ideologies that deviate from true Islamic teachings as these could threaten faith in the religion and disrupt harmony.

“It is unfortunate if Muslims are allowed to be disunited all because a section of the Muslim community is influenced by deviant ideologies,” Muhyiddin (picture) said.

Speaking at the opening of the Islamic Education Teachers National Conference here, he stressed the importance of strengthening unity among the ummah (Muslim community) to enjoy all the blessings from Allah.

He said the Muslim community should stick to oneness of heart, thinking, goals and in practices guided by the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah (specific words, habits, practices and tacit approvals ascribed to Prophet Muhammad).

In this regard, Muhyiddin who is also education minister, said the more than 52,000 Islamic Education teachers in the country could play a more active role in disseminating true Islamic teachings to society.

“They should be more active in delivering the Islamic message based on the Quran and Sunnah and in guiding the community towards truth,” he said.

On Islamic Education development, Muhyiddin said the government was working at making the Dini and Tahfiz syllabi as part of the national curriculum.

He said the matter was still being studied and when approved, the ministry would provide qualified teachers, besides assistance in the form of grants, textbooks and systematic assessment for both fields of study.

Muhyiddin noted that the ministry had also recruited 3,384 Jawi, Quran, Arabic and Fardu Ain (J-QAF) teachers to fill the vacancies in 2,054 schools.

He said that 26 Sekolah Agama Rakyat (public religious schools) and Sekolah Agama Negeri (state religious schools) had changed their status to Sekolah Agama Bantuan Kerajaan (government-assisted religious schools), bringing the total number now to 195.

Meanwhile, Muhyiddin urged all quarters to play their role to ensure the success of the National Education Development Blueprint 2013-2025 in facing the challenges.

“To compete with the most developed countries in the world, our education system should be able to produce a knowledgeable, critical and creative thinking young generation with good leadership skills and the ability to communicate effectively at the global level,” he said.

About 3,500 Islamic Education teachers attended the inaugural conference. — Bernama


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