State government to blame for rise in Selangor vice, says MCA

KLANG, Feb 5 — MCA went on the offensive in Selangor today and kicked off its pre-election campaign blitz by blaming Pakatan Rakyat (PR) for an alleged increase in vice activities in the state since 2008.

“In their 12th general election manifesto, PR promised more jobs for the people of Selangor.

“But all we see is an increase in massage parlours and prostitution. Maybe this is their idea of more job opportunities for the people,” Pandamaran town council coordinating officer Ching Eu Boon said.

MCA appears to be attempting to woo the Chinese vote in Selangor, particularly in the Pandamaran seat, which is held by DAP’s Ronnie Liu. — file picMCA appears to be attempting to woo the Chinese vote in Selangor, particularly in the Pandamaran seat, which is held by DAP’s Ronnie Liu. — file picChing and about 40 residents staged a small protest at the Pandamaran market here this morning to rail against the state government for reneging on its election pledges.

Donning shirts which read: “We are one” and chanting: “PR, Penipu Rakyat” (PR, liar to the people), they claimed PR had made “empty promises” to woo support.

“PR made a lot of promises to the people before taking over Selangor following the 2008 election,” Ching told reporters at a press conference after the demonstration.

“However, we only see 20 per cent of promises being kept, we do not see the other 80 per cent,” he added.

Citing a reduction of property assessment by as much as 20 per cent and taxation of commercial premises by up to 10 per cent in PR’s manifesto, Ching said the people of Selangor had yet to see the “promise” being implemented.

“PR had also promised to aid pre-schoolers with RM50-100 a month, but we have not received anything,” he said.

Klang Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman Datuk Dr Teh Kim Poo, who was present during the demonstration, said that PR should do the right thing and stop lying to the public.

“They say they are fair and transparent and that they care for the people, but this is just a front put up by the PR government,” Dr Teh said.

“The roads in Pandamaran are ridden with potholes, but when we approach the PR government, they tell us the roads are under the jurisdiction of the federal government and push us away.

“Why are the roads in Pandamaran under the federal government when the state is under PR ruling?” he asked, adding he hoped people would be able to differentiate under whose jurisdiction the roads in Selangor fall under.

“We hope everyone in Selangor will rise and challenge PR. We hope they will bring the state back to a more responsible and caring government.”

MCA’s protest this morning appears to be the party’s strategic attempt to woo the Chinese vote in Selangor, particularly in the Pandamaran seat, which is held by DAP’s Ronnie Liu.

Liu’s incumbency was fraught with allegations of corruption and the first-term assemblyman is said to be facing the possibility of being dropped from his party’s candidacy list for the coming polls.

During Election 2008, Liu trounced incumbent Dr Teh for the Pandamaran seat with a comfortable 5,398 vote majority.

The coming 13th general election is seen as MCA’s most crucial to date as the party has to perform better than it did in Election 2008 or face the prospect of zero government representation.

The party’s leadership, under Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, had earlier promised not to accept any government posts if it fails to capture more than the 15 federal seats it retained in the previous polls.

MCA had also performed no better in the 2008 state-wide polls, clinching just 31 seats. In Perak, the party’s representation dwindled to just one state assembly seat.

BN and MCA also noticeably failed to clinch the Chinese vote in a series of by-elections held after Election 2008.

In the Sarawak state election last year, the Chinese community flooded the ballot box with votes for the opposition, resulting in the DAP trouncing BN in 12 out of 15 seats the opposition party contested.


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