Status quo for Selangor state seats in polls, says Pakatan

SHAH ALAM, Dec 20 — There will be no changes in Pakatan Rakyat’s seat allocation in Selangor, with state leaders confidently announcing that the matter had been decided “a long time ago.”

In a joint press conference, Selangor DAP chief Teresa Kok, Selangor PAS commissioner Dr Abdul Rani Osman and deputy Khalid Samad said that there were no squabbles among PR in the state for seats, and that each party was content with the current seat line-up.

“Priority is given to those who won the seats the last time.

“Out of the 56 state seats in Selangor, DAP is only contesting 15,” said Kok today.

Khalid said that same seat allocation formula will be used for the upcoming election where PAS will contest 20 state seats, PKR 21 and 15 seats for the DAP.

“It is status quo. We follow the same seat allocation,” added Kok.

She stressed that the question of the DAP wanting to field Malay candidates in more seats did not arise.

“It is not an issue. Discussions are done openly and calmly between PR partners, not in secret. This is the norm for Pakatan,” said Dr Rani.


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