Teresa Kok denies ‘Onederful’ Malaysia CNY video an insult to Malays

Teresa Kok's Chinese New Year clip has caused an uproar among pro-Umno groups. – February 3, 2014Teresa Kok's Chinese New Year clip has caused an uproar among pro-Umno groups. – February 3, 2014Pro-Umno groups and Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal should stop making a fool of themselves by hurling false allegations about a Chinese New Year video clip, says Seputeh MP Teresa Kok.

Kok, who is also DAP national vice-chairperson, was referring to a satirical video clip uploaded on YouTube a few days ago.

She denied that it insulted Malays, the security forces, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife.

“I hope they stop it as the false allegations can cause racial tension. They should research on Mandarin and Cantonese before making baseless accusations as they are only embarrassing themselves," Kok said in a statement.

Kok said the video, titled 'Onederful' Malaysia CNY 2014, was meant to be humorous and directed at those who spoke Mandarin and Cantonese.

She denied that the video touched on racial issues or that it belittled Malays, as claimed by pro-Umno groups.

She said whenever critics touched on the weaknesses of Umno leaders, they would be accused of “insulting” Malays as if it was the only party representing Malays in the country.

“To accuse me of insulting Malays is absurd,” said Kok.

Explaining the title, Kok said it was a combination of Mandarin and Cantonese.

“Ma Lai” in Mandarin means “kuda datang” (welcome horse), “sai lei ah” in Cantonese means “sangat hebat” (great).

Kok said the words referred to the Chinese New Year since it was the Year of the Horse in the Chinese calendar.

She accused Shafie of "twisting" the contents of the video as "Umno is bankrupt of ideas".

“Shafie and the pro-Umno groups clearly do not understand political satire and because of that they try to incite racial sentiment by using the video clip to cover up their failures in managing the country,” she said.

In her statement today, Kok explained that the video clip touched on security issues in Sabah but denied poking fun at the armed forces during the Lahad Datu intrusion.

“The dialogue of the Feng Shui sifu in the clip only touched on the shooting and kidnapping but never on Lahad Datu. In fact, there was no dialogue that belittled or put down our armed forces," she said.

Kok said the only incident mentioned in the video was the case of the Taiwanese tourist who was shot dead while his wife was taken hostage by gunmen in Sabah last year.

Shafie yesterday had urged authorities to take action against Kok for allegedly poking fun at the Lahad Datu incident in her Chinese New Year video clip.

He said Lahad Datu people are still saddened by the intrusion last year.

Describing Shafie as an irresponsible minister,  Kok said the minister’s reaction also showed that he wanted to incite the armed forces against her.

“It also showed that he does not care about the safety issues of Sabahan and the tourists,” she said.

Kok also denied insulting Najib and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor as there were no mention of their names in the video clip.

She questioned Umno's intention in playing the racial card and wondered if it was a ploy to divert the rakyat's attention from the real issues affecting Malaysians, like the rising cost of living.

She also stressed that since the video is a political satire, it has no seditious element.

Police yesterday said they will scrutinise the contents of Kok’s video clip to determine whether it was seditious or defamatory. – February 3, 2014.


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