The reasons I stayed — Adrian Ng

1. I love the food; I can step out in the middle of the night and still find my favourite food — nasi lemak (tambah telur mata kerbau) with teh tarik kurang manis.

2. I love the weather here, though it sucks at times, but it is still better than being in 20 inches of thick snow or being roasted to death in a 42-degree heat wave.

3. I speak Malay with my friends; can’t find that many friends who can speak the language outside the country.

4. There are a lot more other people in the country who need help and assistance and I will contribute in whatever way that I can.

5. I (still) have faith in the system and country, although it is not perfect; there is always the option of an easy way out, as in migrating and leaving the country.

6. I (still) believe I can do something to contribute to nation-building in whatever way I can (while I continue to complain a lot). Why leave without giving it a “fight” to try to make the country better.

7. I will have to start all over again if I leave for another country. I still feel very foreign in another country i.e. I am a (still) second-class citizen.

8. I have a bunch of fantastic, crazy, caring, responsible, intelligent, ethical, loyal friends here. They keep me entertained.

9. Importantly, my family and relatives are here. I am no one without them.

10. And, most important, this is my country. This is the place I call home.

* We asked readers to tell us in their own words why they stayed in Malaysia... instead of migrating. This is one of the stories.

* Adrian Ng is a proud Anak Bangsa Malaysia.



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