Comic ‘Ultraman the Ultra Power’ banned by Home Ministry, superhero called ‘Allah’

The Home Ministry has banned the publication of the latest Bahasa Malaysia title of the popular Japanese television/manga superhero comic, "Ultraman the Ultra Power".

While the Home Ministry has yet to give an official explanation for the ban, it is believed that the comic may have been caught up in the wake of the "Allah" issue.

A Twitter user has uploaded what is said to be a page from the comic, in which Ultraman is referred to as Allah.

The possibly offending line on the page reads in Bahasa Malaysa: "Beliau dianggap sebagai, dan dihormati sebagai, 'Allah' atau Elder semua wira Ultra."  English translation: He is considered, and respected, as Allah or the Elder to all Ultra heroes.

A gazette was issued on February 18 banning the comic published by Resign Publications and printed by Network Printers.

That Ministry has yet to explain what aspect of the comic prompted this ban of a worldwide popular Japanese superhero who fights "kaiju" – monsters – other than the standard vague reference to contents that are detrimental to public order.

But it looks like it is part of the contentious claims over the exclusivity or otherwise of the word to Muslims and Christians on both sides of the South China Sea, and its possible use or ban in Catholic prayers and publications. – March 6, 2014.


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