Wee claims MCA rivals responsible for spy-cam drone

The hexacopter spy camera found snooping over his Kuala Lumpur residence has everything to do with “party politics”, MCA Youth chief Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong (pic) said today.

The MCA is set to hold it leadership elections on December 21 and Wee is widely regarded as a front-runner in the contest for the deputy president’s post. Its poor performance in the general election has led to calls for a leadership change.

“I don’t want to speculate on who is behind this but I have reason to believe it is in relation to the party election. This is a smear campaign,” Wee told The Malaysian Insider in Kuala Lumpur today.

“I don’t want to point fingers at anyone but this is the norm each time the party or general election comes around,” he added.

The former Deputy Education Minister said this was the third time that he had been smeared in this way.

He said on the eve of 2010 party election, a picture of a neighbour’ property was published in the blogs and attributed to him.

“At that time the party or parties behind it claimed the property was worth RM10 million. Whoever it was became the laughing stock as it was the wrong house.

“Then on the eve of the May 5 general election, an aerial shot of my house was published with the same claim that it was worth RM10 million,” he said.

Wee had this message to those behind the photos: “Don’t stoop so low. Don’t be a coward. Come out in the open and show proof that I have no means to buy the house,” he said still bristling from the latest attack on his character.

The hexacopter with six rotors was found by a neighbour’s son on August 8 in the Bukit Tiara residential area in Cheras.

The boy removed a chip attached to a tiny video camera from the vehicle and, together with his 15-year-old sister, played it on the computer. They made the shocking discovery that it was filming Wee and his neighbours’ house. The boy's family quickly informed Wee.

Wee, who showed five short video clips extracted from the chip recorded on August 5, said the hexacopter was aimed in the direction of his house and his neighbour’s.

The video clip showed two men handling the hexacopter in its initial clip. In another, the camera screen paused when a security guard was going on his patrol rounds and resumed when the guard moved away.

Wee has made a report with the Cheras police.

Yesterday, in addition to showing the hexacopter to the media, Wee also showed the Sale and Purchase agreement for his Bukit Tiara house, which a blog posting claimed was RM6 million.

He said he bought the house for RM1.8 million and had taken RM1.4million loan to purchase the property.

He also furnished monthly instalment payments for the property.

“I was a consultant for 17 years, my wife is a partner in a legal firm. Why can’t we purchase a house in Kuala Lumpur. If the property appreciates, it is not our fault,” he said of the property bought four years ago.

He said the idea of the latest attack was to show that he had benefited from being a deputy Education Minister.

Wee said he was not the type of politician who takes swipes at other politicians, government or opposition, over their wealth or private lives.

“It is none of my business,” he said. - August 17, 2013.  


Spy above MCA leader’s home, he lodges report (August 16, 2013)


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