Wee’s “spy in the sky” just wedding photographers?

In a twist to the charge from the MCA Youth chief that a low-flying drone was sent over his house to spy on him, two men have surrendered to the police, claiming to be wedding photographers from Johor who merely wanted to test the device.

"I was informed that the police have the men in custody but I cannot digest the explanation from police that the men had merely wanted to test the hexacopter,” said the MCA youth chief Datuk Wee Ka Siong (pic).

A hexacopter is a small, radio-controlled device with six blades that lift it like a helicopter.

"If they had wanted to test it, why my home and my neighbourhood? I cannot accept the explanation," Wee told The Malaysian Insider.

Wee is touted as a front-runner for the position of deputy president in the MCA polls later this year. He said three days ago that a hexacopter spy camera was snooping over his residence in Cheras and alleged that it had everything to do with party politics and elections in December.

It has now been disclosed that the two men who surrendered themselves to Cheras police yesterday in connection with this case had registered their names at the guardhouse leading into Wee's housing estate.

"They had left a handphone number at the guardhouse and even passed the number to several neighbours, requesting residents who managed to retrieve the hexacopter to contact them," Wee told The Malaysian Insider today.

Wee contacted the telephone number provided by a neighbour and found that it was registered to a bridal house in Kluang, Johor.

A 29-year-old claimed to be the owner of the hexacopter and he surrendered with his 47-year-old friend to Cheras police to help their probe into the spy allegation yesterday.

Cheras police chief ACP Mohan Singh said the two men claimed they had no intention to spy on Wee but merely wanted to test the hexacopter. But police are waiting for further instructions from the deputy public prosecutor's office, added the chief cop for the area.

Wee expressed his disappointment with the police, saying that they should have probed further.

"They must have done what I did and try to establish a link. They must check if these men had carried out such an act before.

"Anyone can get a gadget like this hexacopter and claim that they were just trying to 'test it out' or take an aerial view."

Wee also demanded to know if the two men were paid.

"The public would also like to know. This is not about Wee Ka Siong or Wee Ka Siong's house but an issue of intrusion of privacy which concerns everyone."

The MCA is set to hold its leadership elections on December 21. Its poor performance in the general election has led to calls for a leadership change.

The hexacopter with six rotors was found by a neighbour's son on August 8 in the Bukit Tiara residential area in Cheras.

The boy removed a chip attached to a tiny video camera from the vehicle and, together with his 15-year-old sister, played it on the computer. They made the shocking discovery that it was filming Wee and his neighbours' house. The boy's family quickly informed Wee.

The video clip showed two men handling the hexacopter in its initial clip. In another, the camera screen paused when a security guard was going on his patrol rounds and resumed when the guard moved away.

Wee lodged a report with the Cheras police. – August 20, 2013.  


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