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Jahabar Sadiq Karpal Singh – politician, lawyer and friend to many – took his final journey today, standing by his principles and ideals in a lifetime... READ MORE

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Lessons from Karpal Singh

Lord Bobo Dear Lord Bobo, what can we learn from Karpal Singh? (Mourning A Hero, via email) Many Malaysians have been in mourning following... READ MORE

Bounty for finding MH370

Rushdi Siddiqui Today marks the 47th day since the disappearance of flight MH370 headed for Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. As each day passes without... READ MORE

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National unity dialogue should be people-first – Sin Chew Daily

National Unity and Integration Department director-general Datuk Azman Hassan said that the Cabinet has agreed to convene a closed dialogue... READ MORE

Losing in the battle with Satan – Mahsa Amiri

The topics of democracy, liberalism, human rights are not new in contemporary Malaysia. However, with almost every discussion some new... READ MORE

Malaysia’s shame – MWong

I write to express my deepest revulsion and shock at the disturbing comments and behaviour of public figures who appear to have considered... READ MORE

Karpal Singh, true humanitarian – Lee Min Choon

This has nothing to do with the Malay Bible. But I can’t help but feel a sense of loss with the passing of a colleague at the Bar and... READ MORE

Miri Airport needs an upgrade – Jofri Jaraiee

Miri Airport is the third busiest airport in Malaysia in terms of aircraft movements. It provided services to 2.2 million passengers in... READ MORE

Why the need for hudud? – Ravinder Singh

This question begs an answer: What is the real reason for clamouring for the introduction of hudud? Is it purely on religious grounds –... READ MORE

The less visible Chinese poor – Koon Yew Yin

Perkasa and other Malay right-wing organisations are always complaining about how the Chinese have taken over the country's economy. They... READ MORE

How to be a rocket scientist in Malaysia – SR

Dear son, It is good that you have completed your course and after your stint in NASA, you want to serve in Malaysia. Specifically, you... READ MORE

On the impracticalities of hudud in Malaysia – Nicolei

Islamic leaders have been saying that non-Muslims will accept hudud if they can understand the beauty of hudud, and so efforts should be... READ MORE

Pursuing better Malaysia-China relations – Sin Chew Daily

China and Malaysia are celebrating the 40th anniversary of formal ties in 2014, but it is worrying as the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370... READ MORE

The ever persistent phishermen – The Tired Eye

Those of you who own email accounts would have noticed that not a week goes by without you receiving emails that either say the sender has... READ MORE

In Indonesia, negligence will foster sexual abuse among the young – Indah P. Amaritasari

Based on the latest report from the National Commission on Child Protection (Komnas PA) violence against children increased from 746 cases... READ MORE

Taxpayers’ monies down the drain in Kiara Park? – Lim Chui Choo and P.W. Chin

'The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble.' – Blaise Pascal The costly high density... READ MORE

PAS must choose between Hudud law and Pakatan – Lim Sue Goan

With the death of Karpal Singh, a by-election will soon be called for the Bukit Gelugor parliamentary seat vacated by him. Will PAS carry... READ MORE

Let 100 Karpals take his place – Robert Chaen

Karpal Singh was Malaysia’s Gandhi. He was killed in a car accident on April 17 at 1.10am. Karpal once said that even if he is gone there... READ MORE

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A Shukur Harun

Puisi turut meriahkan Pemilu Indonesia

Setiap kali Pilihan Raya Indonesia (Pemilu), sejak 2004 hingga 2014 ini, ia turut dimeriahkan dengan deklamasi puisi di pelbagai pertemuan besar... READ MORE

Abdar Rahman Koya

Karpal’s dead body still no walkover

The Malay adage “Harimau mati tinggalkan belang, manusia mati tinggalkan nama” (A tiger leaves behind its stripes, a man leaves behind his deeds)... READ MORE

Amin Iskandar

Perjalanan terakhir Karpal Singh

Hujan yang turun semalam tidak menghalang orang ramai untuk memberikan penghormatan terakhir kepada "Harimau Jelutong" yang meninggal dunia dalam... READ MORE

Azza Basarudin

Women, economic empowerment, and nation building

The Prime Minister recently reminded Malaysians and the international community about the importance of women’s economic empowerment. Various... READ MORE

Cass Shan

The gardener next door

Some time ago, I moved in to a nice little neighbourhood. I chose the house because it would look pretty with flowers and all I wanted to do was... READ MORE


Persoalan budaya gay dalam teater ‘Apocalipso’

Ia sebuah teater pendek, yang mudah dipentaskan. Pendek maksudnya tidak lebih daripada setengah jam pementasan atau lebih kurang begitu saja.... READ MORE

Dzulkefly Ahmad

GST lulus: Apakah Najib akan ubah tatakelola kewangannya?

Akhirnya Rang Undang-Undang Cukai Barangan dan Perkhidmatan (CBP-GST) diluluskan di Dewan Rakyat selepas dua kali percubaan sejak 2005 dan... READ MORE

Fifa Rahman

Give sex education policy a chance to work

Part of me still wonders whether if public health messaging had focused on “don’t mix alcohol and heroin” instead of “don’t take heroin”, Cory... READ MORE

Jeya Seelan

Malaysia on the wrong side of history in Karpal’s conviction for sedition

Karpal Singh’s conviction for sedition recently has thrown Malaysia back into the days of the Court of Star Chambers in the 17th century where... READ MORE

K. Anand

Keep calm Gooners, Arsene knows… still

It was seven days ago that the world, okay, maybe just Arsenal supporters eagerly anticipated Arsene Wenger's 1000th game in charge. The only... READ MORE

Khoo Ying Hooi

We need more politicians like Karpal Singh

Quality politicians are rare. Often, political parties have no choice but to compromise on the quality of candidates for elected... READ MORE

Lim Ka Ea

Is freedom of expression a problem?

French comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala became an instant household name in France when he was banned from performing his anti-Semitic stand-up... READ MORE

Lord Bobo

Lessons from Karpal Singh

Dear Lord Bobo, what can we learn from Karpal Singh? (Mourning A Hero, via email) Many Malaysians have been in mourning following the sad and... READ MORE

Md Izwan

Hendak sekat media luar negara macam parti politik buat?

Ketika saya menghadiri satu majlis, saya curi-curi dengar seorang jurugambar media tempatan mainstream (arus perdana) yang mengeluh tentang berita... READ MORE

Meor Yusof Aziddin

Memahami makna kehilangan dan ketentuan

Ibu saya sedang bergelut dengan nyawanya saat ini. Usianya 88 tahun dan akhirnya, cepat atau lambat, hidup pasti akan bertemu dengan pasangannya,... READ MORE

Mujahid Yusof Rawa

Legasi Harimau Jelutong

Pepatah yang menyatakan bahawa “Harimau mati meninggalkan belang, manusia mati meninggalkan nama,” ada pada Karpal Singh. Pertama, secara... READ MORE

Nik Nazmi

Reformasi: The struggle continues

The past few days the country has gone through a roller coaster ride. On March 7, the Court of Appeal overturned Anwar Ibrahim’s acquittal in the... READ MORE

Nomy Nozwir

Kedudukan Malaysia hampir semua bidang - ‘mid-table divisyen empat’

Minggu lepas, saya ada menulis satu artikel mengenai kelajuan Internet di negara ini yang berada di antara sepuluh negara-negara yang kelajuan... READ MORE

Nur Jazlan

Perjuangan mendiang Karpal Singh vs perjuangan Umno dan BN

Pertama sekali saya ingin mengucapkan takziah kepada keluarga mendiang bekas Pengerusi DAP, Ahli Parlimen Bukit Gelugor dan peguam terkenal,... READ MORE

Rushdi Siddiqui

Bounty for finding MH370

Today marks the 47th day since the disappearance of flight MH370 headed for Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. As each day passes without any trace and... READ MORE

Shebby Singh

Weekend drama as Mourinho mocks, Moyes moans

It was shocking to say the least when Jose Mourinho mocked the referee by "congratulating" him during the post-match interview after Chelsea's... READ MORE

Subky Abdul Latif

Gara-gara MH370, China renggang dengan Malaysia

Gara-gara MH370 yang ghaib entah ke mana, justeru penumpang yang ramai adalah warga China, maka sekian ribu pelancongnya dan penumpang MAS... READ MORE

Timmy Say

Khalid berkempen dalam ‘serangan’ di DUN

Sidang DUN Selangor yang berakhir Jumaat lalu mungkin adalah sidang yang terpanas bagi Menteri Besarnya, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim. Bukan... READ MORE

Uthaya Sankar

Memahami masalah Melayu

Penulis buku "Sensitive Truths in Malaysia: A Critical Appraisal of the Malay Problem" (2013), AB Sulaiman ternyata sangat berani mengutarakan... READ MORE

Zaid Ibrahim

Pakatan/Pas/Anwar must show resolve

This is somewhat belated, but I hope it’s still not too late for me to offer my congratulations to Selangor state assemblymen Yeo Bee Yin and Lau... READ MORE

Zairil Khir Johari

Islam, freedom and salvation

Islam and freedom are two inseparable concepts, though one may not arrive at this conclusion based on the behaviour of many Muslims worldwide,... READ MORE

Zan Azlee

Would God place an infidel in heaven?

I'm a Muslim and I have been to several non-Muslim funerals and most of them have been of dear family members. I mourn and pay my respect during... READ MORE

Zulkifli Sulong

Surat terbuka untuk calon timbalan presiden PAS

Tuan-tuan calon timbalan presiden PAS yang dihormati. Semoga surat terbuka ini tidak menyusahkan tuan-tuan semua kerana saya menulis ini dari hati... READ MORE