Cass Shan

Cass Shan started off as a copywriter tasked with understanding buying behaviour. She now immerses herself in understanding buy-in behaviour.

The gardener next door

Some time ago, I moved in to a nice little neighbourhood. I chose the house because it would look pretty with flowers and all I wanted to do was... READ MORE

10 lessons from MH370

We can learn a few important lessons from the tragedy of MH370. Here are ten that I’ve compiled from reading and understanding the scenario that... READ MORE

Boys and their ‘game therapy’

Malaysia Airlines pilot Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah who piloted the missing flight MH370 is reportedly being investigated with the authorities... READ MORE

Stay united and pray for those onboard MH370

Having watched the television series called “Seconds from Disaster”, I’ve watched about investigations into air crashes. Never did I think... READ MORE

It’s beyond friendship

They say a dog is a man’s best friends. I’ve had dogs before. And for me, we’re not friends. We’re more than friends. We crossed that line... READ MORE

Doggone it!

Beware the scam alert where little old ladies whose husbands just died want to offload a couple of top of the breed puppies. The catch is –... READ MORE

Amazing Thailand

I was lucky to visit Thailand again after a hiatus. It’s always a beautiful country with a mixture of old tradition and new modernity. Thailand... READ MORE

Loving long distance relationships

Valentine’s Day was celebrated two days ago. I wonder about those in long distance relationships. How is it like not be able to feel the warm... READ MORE

Give PR people a break

Everybody loves a public relations person. Sure, you get the stereotype “bitchy” gay PR person on TV, but the reality is PR people love what... READ MORE

The lawful way to law

There are many aspiring lawyers out there, eager to help with justice. There are also many great avenues to learn law in Malaysia. I admire... READ MORE

A star is born

Samantha Tan has been making the news since her successful attempt to raise funds for her education at the prestigious and renowned Actors Studio... READ MORE

Sing your heart out

There are a lot of ways to air your feelings. People like me sometimes become known as a professional complainer because I air my thoughts... READ MORE

Why we should have open book exams – Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, I addressed the flaws of memorising for a closed book test. In Part 2, I will dwell more on why open book exams are... READ MORE

Why we should have open book exams - Part 1

The education system is one of my pet peeves - mainly because I never saw how practical some of it really was to life. Ever since I was in high... READ MORE

Face the mirror

I always thought that I managed to make a living in the communications line not because I was so good but because so many people were so bad at... READ MORE

Malaysia has failed me

I was born a Chindian, but refused the right to identify my Chinese roots due to the country’s rule of paternity back then (and even now mixed... READ MORE

Criticism paranoia

Malaysians (possibly due to their Asian upbringing) fear criticisms. They think a criticism is a sign of their weakness. They think criticism... READ MORE

How to buy a book… or not!

JAN 6 ― The recent Big Bad Wolf book sale was awesome. As expected. With three million books on sale, it’s no wonder I was spoiled for... READ MORE

Top ten wishes for 2013

 DEC 30 — Here are my top 10 wishes for 2013:  10. Looper 2  After the insanely well done Looper, I can only wish for Looper 2. The script was well... READ MORE

I want to be a porn star

NOV 26 — At least, that’s what seems to be on some people’s minds. Internet porn is so prevalent that they are creating .xxx domains for porn... READ MORE

Barriers to good communication

NOV 18 — Attitudinal barriers can be described as behaviour or perceptions that blind people to transparent communication. This is an important... READ MORE

Relationships that last

Oct 28 — I’m reminded of some people who like to shout their undying love for a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Some do so by updating their Facebook... READ MORE

Forget the high pay, for now

OCT 18 — Apparently, there are about 40,000 unemployed graduates in Malaysia. Armed with a degree, you’d think getting a job would be easy for... READ MORE

When health scares force you to rethink your life

OCT 13 — If you’ve been slogging away at work every waking hour and beyond — sacrificing your personal time with friends and family — then a health... READ MORE

An overseas education does not make you superior

SEPT 30 — I’ll be the first to admit that our local education system is not the best in the world and if you get the chance to study abroad, by all... READ MORE

Are taxes taxing you?

SEPT 23 — So, the government is thinking of introducing the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Should I break out the champagne and cry for joy or run... READ MORE

Where’s the love?

SEPT 9 — I find there is a lack of love in the world today and I don’t just mean the romantic late night car rides with your boyfriend or watching... READ MORE

Register to vote

SEPT 2 — The deadline for registering to vote for the last quarter of the year is September 15, 2012. Elections must be held before April 28, 2013,... READ MORE

Chick flick syndrome

AUG 26 — Did I mention I hate chick flicks? They’re so full of unrealistic relationships and pretty gals and cute men who happen to be rich,... READ MORE

Can we forgive?

AUG 19 — On the first day of Syawal — after a month of fasting — Muslims all over the world will be celebrating. In Malaysia, there will be open... READ MORE

Of mixed races and races mixing

AUG 12 — We live in a cultural mixing pot, embracing and enjoying close ties and friendships with all races.  Yeah, right.  The truth is there are... READ MORE