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Bersih Part 1: A government gripped by paranoia?

JUNE 22 — “Ambiga is a Jewish agent!” “Cyber attacks part of Bersih campaign!” “The Chinese better stock up on food supplies!” That’s what people... READ MORE

#YoRais vs. Anonymous

JUNE 17 — Rais Yatim and the IGP say they’re ready to take on hacktivists Anonymous. I find myself asking: Do either of these guys even have an... READ MORE

We are all Lain-lain (Part 2)

JUNE 10 — I watched a movie on Astro recently, where a group of men were going to great pains to determine the purity of an individual’s identity,... READ MORE

We are all Lain-lain (Part 1)

JUNE 9 — How many Malaysians you know are ethnically “pure”? At this stage of the article — inspired in no small part by the saga faced by Shay... READ MORE

The Padfone: Innovating integration

JUNE 5 — A smartphone that’s also a tablet? Yay!  The subject of today’s exploration is the Asus Padfone. While perhaps not the sexiest name in the... READ MORE

The 100 apologies that immortalised Blu Inc

JUNE 3 — Malaysia makes the big news: “Social activist forced to tweet apology to corporation 100 times.” I think that’s up there with the other... READ MORE

60pc of vote, 93pc of seats?

MAY 11 — Firstly, congratulations to all Singaporeans who took part in the 2011 elections — the contest has seen a great deal of blood, sweat and... READ MORE

Elections, Vui Kong and Singapore’s soul, Part 2

MAY 5 — Yong Vui Kong is a young man convicted of being a drug mule and sentenced to death in Singapore. This death sentence and many like it have... READ MORE

Elections, Vui Kong & Singapore’s soul, Part 1

MAY 4 — What do you get an island that has everything? Despite how much I’ve been watching, neither the question, nor the answer (a soul) is a Lost... READ MORE

The one-handed tom yam seller terrorist

MAY 2 —- It seems hard to find a hero in Malaysia today. Too many scandals, too much confusion. Reading about Kadir Hashim, however, may provide... READ MORE

Sarawak: Undi tanpa takut

14 APRIL — Dalam masa dua hari, rakyat Sarawak berpotensi mencipta sejarah. Petanda-petanda menunjukkan kemungkinan besar perubahan bakal berlaku.... READ MORE

The death of Ahmad Sarbani, Part 1

APRIL 11 — As you already know, Ahmad Sarbani who was an assistant director at the Customs Department in Port Klang, was found dead at the MACC... READ MORE

Ben Ali, Mubarak, Gaddafi… Taib?

MARCH 31 — The Middle East revolutions have attracted considerable attention, and with good reason. What’s not to like about movements of the... READ MORE

Krisis Alkitab dan Kami lawan Kita

24 MAC — Malaysia nampaknya selalu muncul di berita antarabangsa atas sebab-sebab yang kurang baik. Lantasan berita kartun Berita Harian berkenaan... READ MORE

Duty in a time of disaster

MARCH 17 — We seem to be living in a time of considerable disasters. Japan’s earthquakes, tsunamis and potential nuclear meltdowns as well as the... READ MORE

Palanivel and why BN prefers you stay poor

MARCH 9 — “If you’re troubled by poverty in the city, move back to the estates.” That’s MIC president G. Palanivel’s advice to the Indians. It’s... READ MORE

The Atrix 4G — one heart, many bodies

JAN 17 — Part of me fears that if I write another article about Krishnan and Sargunan, about Shamil Hafiz Shafie, Mohd Khairul Nizam Tuah and... READ MORE

Khusrin: Democracy vs arbitrariness

JAN 11 — The learned Roger Tan’s opinion on the unfolding legal issues regarding the appointment of Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi as Selangor state... READ MORE

The Khusrin affair — Another Perak?

JAN 5 — Is the Perak comparison overdramatic? Let’s take a step back and examine the institution that Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi has been selected... READ MORE

WikiLeaks: Governance without secrets?

DEC 17 — The abuse of power thrives in shadows. Selvach Santhiran is a man who testified that police beat R. Gunasegaran to death. On the same day... READ MORE

Deepavali: Remembering those left behind

NOV 5 — When Lite FM starts playing Tamil music, there can be little doubt Deepavali is around the corner. It’s a fun time for my family, and we’ll... READ MORE

Arrested and beaten for testifying against cops?

OCT 28 — I try not to hate cops, I really do. I remember the ones who made an effort to get me better food than what lock-up inmates usually get. I... READ MORE

PKR Part 2: Wormtongue

OCT 8 — “An archetypal sycophant, flatterer, liar, and manipulator.” That’s how Wikipedia describes the character of Grima Wormtongue from The Lord... READ MORE

PKR Part 1: Michael vs Sonny Corleone

OCT 7 — PKR is an imperfect party. It has problems. Let’s not have any illusions about that. I thought long and hard before deciding to write this,... READ MORE

iPhone 4, PKR, Trojan horses

SEPT 29 — Welcome, iPhone 4 to Malaysia! And thank you for giving me another opportunity to make fun of Apple’s mobile products! I think the... READ MORE

Building bridges over hardened hearts

SEPT 15 — Imagine Christians protesting the burning of the Quran. As Malaysia Day comes round, I’m proud to say that in Malaysia, this is not... READ MORE

Namewee: How to drown discord with harmony

SEPT 3 — Namewee, Siti Inshah, Ibrahim Ali are names that seem to be on everyone’s lips. We all seem to be caught up about who should be punished,... READ MORE

Kisah sedih Saudara Ezam

19 OGOS — Bukan setiap hari saya dipanggil “bangsat” oleh seorang senator — pengalamannya amat unik. Izinkan saya beberapa baris sahaja untuk... READ MORE

Teoh’s note, justice perverted

AUG 13 — Malaysian (in)justice belies belief. We have seen things here that defy the imagination of even the wildest storyteller. I would like to... READ MORE

A plea: Does Yong Vui Kong deserve to die?

AUG 4 — Singapore is entirely within its legal rights to execute Yong Vui Kong. This young man’s only hope for survival is the clemency and mercy... READ MORE

A good day to remember

JULY 16 — While the country is preoccupied with the subsidy cuts today, I thought however it would be a good day to remember. To remember Teoh Beng... READ MORE

Building genuine Malay greatness

JUNE 25 — What would a universally acceptable Malay Agenda for Pakatan look like? As a follow up to my previous article on this subject, I wanted... READ MORE

‘Confidence’ vs reality

JUNE 12 — Let’s look behind the veil of some 10MP highlights.  We begin with the 10 Main Premises (I see the writers have a sense of humour and a... READ MORE

Why Pakatan may need a ‘Malay Agenda’

JUNE 5 — Hulu Selangor and Sibu imply new lines of political division for Malaysia, and the signs may not all be good. A crucial by-product of... READ MORE

Stop subsidising corruption first

MAY 31 — Without eliminating corruption and leakages, how can the government expect the rakyat to bear the burden of subsidy cuts? In the play... READ MORE

Judi bola: Politik dan ekonomi

26 MEI — Saya penagih poker. Kebanyakkan orang menganggap ini bermaksud saya suka judi, dan mereka tidak 100 per cent salah. Sebenarnya, di... READ MORE

No one delivers crap like Mano

MAY 20 — Comedy is a great tool to help us bear our nation’s many trials and tribulations. The problems with politics, government and everyday... READ MORE

Sibu and the two Jayas

MAY 17 — Sibu today, Petrajaya tomorrow, Putrajaya the day after? Perhaps it’s a little too early to claim that, but this certainly is a... READ MORE

Apakah rakyat bencikan polis?

13 MEI — Menteri Dalam Negeri dan Ketua Polis Negara kebelakangan ini kerap menegur rakyat kerana kononnya mengapi-apikan perasan benci yang tidak... READ MORE

Some things just don’t have a price

MAY 8 — How much does our dignity sell for? We have recently seen the appointment of Datuk G. Palanivel and Ezam Mohd Noor as senators, the... READ MORE

Did we kill Aminulrasyid?

APRIL 30 — Some  friends of mine were once robbed at the cybercafe which we frequent (yes, still addicted to Dota). The men came in with... READ MORE

Jalan tetap jalan — personal reflections of HS

APRIL 27 — While it would seem too early for me to comment meaningfully on the national implications of YB Kamalanathan’s election to... READ MORE

Pilihan sebenar Hulu Selangor: Integriti atau kelemahan?

23 APRIL — Apa sebenarnya yang akan dipilih oleh pengundi Hulu Selangor Ahad ini? Soalnya bukan Melayu lawan India, PKR lawan MIC, bahkan... READ MORE

iPad Boleh?

APRIL 13 — Everyone and his brother has an opinion on the iPad, and I am here to torture you with my own. The launch of this device raises... READ MORE

The quiet desperation of crumbling regimes

MARCH 29 — Bernice Chauly has a number of photos currently on display at the Annexe Gallery that I hope you’ll find time to have a look at (the... READ MORE

Di mata dunia

16 MAC — Apabila ditegur, reaksi biasa ego kita adalah untuk tersindir dan defensif. Kita terasa seperti maruah kita dipertikai dan mesti... READ MORE

Jom, pergi tengok play yang hebat tu

MARCH 12 — The vibrancy of Malaysia’s art scene never fails to impress and invigorate me. There are few joys like discovering local talent... READ MORE

A renaissance of hope

MARCH 8 —When Zhou Enlai was asked in the mid-20th century what he felt about the French Revolution of 1789, he replied: “It is too early to... READ MORE

Days of betrayal

MARCH 2 — Within mere hours of the news breaking, a steady stream of comments condemning YB Tan Tee Beng for his resignation appeared on both the... READ MORE

Grandfather stories

FEB 12 — Part 1 “Your Grandfather’s Road” is a groundbreaking attempt to redefine not only Malaysian films, but film-making itself. An... READ MORE

The only game in town

FEB 5 — Why do people with good hearts even bother anymore with politics in Malaysia? There’s a story about gambler and card sharp Canada Bill... READ MORE

‘Allah’, 1 Syaitan, pride and prejudice

JAN 11 — It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a fanatic in possession of a historical adversary, must be in want of a fresh fight. The... READ MORE

Interrogation after hours? Stop deaths first

DEC 2 — Our friend Rocky argues thus: since law enforcement in Britain and Hong Kong can question detainees after hours, why not Malaysia? I... READ MORE

Keadilan ala Pasar Gelap Malaysia

NOV 14 — Malaysia harus diisytiharkan sebagai “Shopping Desitination of the World.” Ternyata, apa pun boleh dibeli di sini — termasuk... READ MORE

Be constructive when we rip into our leaders

NOV 6 — Malaysia's “Drama Minggu Ini” appears to be rich in political parties apparently entering self-destruct mode. High up in the... READ MORE

Memali, sejarah dan masa depan Pakatan Rakyat

OKT 27 — Saya terharu, menonton filem Al-Fatehah Memali hasil karya Rahmat Haron. Dokumentari beliau memberi kesempatan untuk merenung dengan... READ MORE