Just who are you protecting by banning Erykah Badu?

FEB 29 — To those who are a bit ancient, let me just say that people seldom tattoo something on their bodies because they are against it.

They do it out of admiration, respect and maybe the symbol holds a meaning that is even bigger than their lives.

I have never seen people tattoo “USA” — or even the swastika — on their bodies unless it is out of adoration and pride. 

The process is not only painful, but a tattoo is also for life. 

Be that as it may, banning an artist due to the tattoos on her body is just plain selfish. 

Selfish because Muslims are not the artist’s only fans, and banning Erykah Badu’s concert is denying the rights of the rest of the non-Muslims. 

It is also selfish because we are trying to impose upon the world our cultural values and norms, which we perceive to be right.

Since when did Malaysians judge others according to their body art? 

This is the conundrum facing us, spending too much effort banning harmless people from coming into the country, while letting others in. Seen the African ghettos or the non-tourist Iranians in Kuala Lumpur lately?

They are a bigger threat to the country.

Datuk Seri Utama Rais Yatim said, “The ‘Allah’ graphic on the singer’s body will surely create religious controversies among Muslims who do not appreciate such practice.”

Coming from the minister who is in charge of our multimedia and Internet, this is a cause for concern. Does he know Muslims and non-Muslims who are against the show, are not forced to attend the concert? Just like how we refrain from going to Internet sites that are harmful to us and our computers?

It is about freedom of choice.

Can you imagine if one of the big powers does something similar, like banning someone for having a goatee or a moustache? Or those who wear scarves or eyeliner? I wonder what he will say then.

It is tiring and disappointing to see the government indulge in such wasteful behaviour.

You are delusional if you think you are protecting us. Please grow up, and not just grow into old men.

* The views expressed here are the personal opinion of the columnist.


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