My top 5 issues when dropping my ballot

MAY 3 — What can I write about today that would help you make a decision when Sunday comes? I doubt that any of you are still undecided at this eleventh hour.

I can harp on and on about the things that I have seen over the years as a journalist following Malaysian issues or in these past two weeks of heated campaigning.

I can even outright tell you who I’m going to vote for and the reasons why I am going to do so. But I’m not going to do that since it won’t serve any purpose.

And I bet that even the politicians know that whatever they do now is really just for their own confidence and about rallying their supporters going into Polling Day.

Everyone knows that everyone has already made their decision. At this point in time, fence-sitters would be rare and very far in between.

Waiting and anticipating for an election for the past year and a half, and then a long campaign period of two weeks, people have had more than enough time to think.

So, the only call I would like to make is to make sure that all the reasons you have for voting be in the right place and with the right intentions.

And here are the top five issues that I will be paying attention to when casting my vote (maybe it could be yours too):

1. Racism

This is an issue that is the closest to my heart compared to all the rest. We need to look at how and who we choose as our law and policymakers because, in Malaysia, this one issue can affect so many things in the country, from economics right up to education. 

2. Economy

Unless you’re one of the elite filthy rich, cost of living in Malaysia should be one of your main concerns. Basic income and the rising cost of goods (including housing, cars, etc) need to grow and mature in a direct correlation for it to be a healthy economy.

3. Corruption

Right now, the perception among the rakyat is that people in high authority positions are corrupt. It doesn’t matter if there is evidence or even rumours. That’s how bad it has become. Transparency needs to be a priority for the coming government.

4. Media

This one is a given for me seeing that I’m a media professional. For a healthy and mature society to develop, we need a healthy and mature media. This will also lead to a healthy democracy.

5. Education and health

I would like all Malaysians to have free education and healthcare. These are basic human rights that everyone needs to be provided with and the state is the one to provide it.

So in two days, everyone will be taking to the polls, and judging by the record number of registered voters (over 13 million), this is definitely going to be a good one!

Selamat mengundi to all Malaysians!

* This is the personal opinion of the columnist.



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