So what’s the fuss about then?

APRIL 6 — Sometimes we as adults tend to overreact at the slightest cause. And usually, these slight causes are actually undeserving of any reaction whatsoever.

Take, for example, a few weeks ago, approximately around the time of my little daughter Athena’s first birthday.

She began to get the hang of walking for the first time. Everyone was so shocked and surprised the roof almost blew off the house.

All the handphones, still cameras and video cameras were whipped out in a flash. But, of course, Athena’s actual first steps went unrecorded in all the chaos.

Her mother started encouraging her to walk further and further. She would walk a few steps like Jackie Chan in “Drunken Master” and everyone would cheer insanely.

Everybody’s reaction was exactly the same when she first started talking baby gargle. Everyone went crazy out of their minds!

They started commenting that she’s going to be really smart when she grows up.

In fact, the grandparents were even delusional enough to think that the noises she made resembled actual words. Come on! She’s really talking gibberish!

Why all this big surprise and shock? Athena is just doing what babies normally do. She’s growing up, learning and developing.

All babies experience the same thing! And you are really supposed to expect this! And definitely not act all shocked and surprised!

Now if Athena doesn’t learn to talk and walk... that’s when you’re supposed to be shocked! I would be the first one asking, why isn’t she talking or walking at this age?

I walk and talk every day. Why don’t I get the kind of attention she gets? If I got a sen for every time I took a step, I could buy the Queens Park Rangers and Malaysia Airlines at the same time!

The reason is simple. It’s because it’s normal for me to be walking right? Well, it’s the same case with babies, goddammit!!

I wonder if Athena would get the same attention when she holds the hand of her first boyfriend or experiences her first kiss.

Mummy will be clapping and cheering while Pops will be pulling out the camera and screaming “one more time!”. Wouldn’t that be ridiculous?

But then again, I can make fun of it all as much as I want. It really doesn’t mean anything since I screamed the loudest when Athena took her first steps.

I also constantly have my iPhone camera on stand-by just in case anything happens that needs to be documented (and I’m constantly running out of memory space!).

I have to admit, the way I have been documenting Athena’s life since she was born (I was regularly Instagramming her birth in the OR!) has been pretty overboard.

And, I think her first kiss would be the least of my worries since I probably need to be more worried that she might grow up to be a reality TV star! God forbid!

* The views expressed here are the personal opinion of the columnist.


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