Reaching out to Flight MH370

Come home MH Three Seven Oh – Rida Baharudin

March 12, 2014

Dear MH Three Seven Oh,


I don't have friends on board but some of my family does.

I don't have families on board but some of my friends does.

No matter how I turn and say I don't know anyone but somehow – I do

The more I think how  disconnect I am to you (MH370), the more I realised I'm only 'six degree' away from you

I grew up dreaming becoming an air crew, sound cliche but its true.


I was once train for boeing triple seven fleet, (tho it wasn't with MAS) it truely change me differently

I was then your pax, flew confidently with u

In EY silently admire your kebaya in green hue


Sometimes, while sat at the balcony with cup of coffee

Watching u pass by slowly leaving a trail between the clouds

As if telling me "come fly! the adventure is out there" out loud


I woke up one Saturday, Mom call franticly telling me

You have lost in the air,not knowing where could you be

I jump out of the bed, run to my TV

Open all news channel I know

Hoping u are not crash landed or lost in the sea


Open my twitter and FB, everybody is praying continuosly

MH Three Seven Oh is safe and make way to land somewhere, probably

But 4 days have passed, I still haven't heard any news

I pray for your safety, passengers and cabin crews

The whole world is worried and already miss u


Come back home MH Three Seven Oh

U left a trail on the air once ago

Maybe its time for u to let us know

There is still hope for all of us down here

To hug and kiss our loved one that we dear

And finally cheer and lapse from tears


Come home soon, MH Three Seven Oh. – March 12, 2014.

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