Reaching out to Flight MH370

Message for family members of passengers and cabin crew MH370 – Santhini Subramanyah

March 13, 2014

Among millions of notes, poems, support, prayers from all around the world and this is one from me something that I would like to share.

This note is specially dedicated to the Family member's of the passenger who board the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. No matter what happens never let go the rope of HOPE! Stay STRONG! I bet your loved ones wanted you to be that way.

I do travel by flight those days due to education purpose. And the feeling each time the flight take off many things will be running on my mind the feeling of Sad leaving my family , Feeling of Happy to meet up my course mates , Excited to be on the flight , and I do worry thinking of what might happen, if the flight having technical problem or something .

 My mom always says this "ask help from the stewardess if you are feeling uncomfortable ". And I bet mom knows they will keep me safe while I reach my destination. The same feeling I think all of us on the board might had even the Pilot and cabin crew’s, we all are human after all.

But then this is where the cabin crew's kicks in! With Their smile, they greet, their politeness and confident!  Their main intention here is to make sure the passengers are safe and comfortable on the board. 

This people did their level best where they put aside their feelings and did their job with confident! And I'm very sure this is the same thing happens on the flight MH370 the people did their level best to keep the passenger safe and comfortable while travelling

 I bet people on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 are the Strong one! We never know what went wrong and not to put the blame on anyone, out of all the rumours spreading out there. I put my hands together PRAY and HOPE for the return of All of them!

A very Sincere Prayer from me and my family to all of the Passengers and Cabin Crew’s of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. – March 13, 2014.

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