Reaching out to Flight MH370

My message to our beloved MH370 – Razlina Yakub

March 13, 2014

Hello. My name is Razlina Yakub. I'm not really a creative person. I can't draw or illustrate. But for our MH370, I would like to send an honest message.

Since learning about the news that MH370 went missing, my heart sank. Just like everybody else. It has been 6 days, 7 soon, and I am still disturbed by this incident.

I cry, can't sleep well, hoping, praying, all at the same time. I can't help but think about our MH370.

But I love to imagine happy endings for our MH370.  I imagine that all passengers are safe at a seaside, waiting to be spotted. Just like Pi in Life of Pi.

He was alone and accompanied by a tiger but for our MH370,  they are all together, in one place, waiting for us to find them.

After we have found them, everyone is so happy. United more than ever.

Then, our government will display it in one corner of KLIA, as part of history, with a happy ending for the world to see.

The world will remember that this is the most amazing thing that has ever happened.

That is one of my imaginations. I hope all Malaysians will keep imagining wonderful imaginations about our MH370.

But most of all, most important of all, never stop praying. Never give up hope, never give up.

I believe in miracles. Miracles happen. 

When people have so many speculations, let us pray for a miracle, and our MH370 will come back, safe and sound. 

Our MH370 will come back safe and sound. Our MH370 will come back safe and sound. Amin.

Razlina Yakub. – March 13, 2014.

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