Are you ready for ‘The Avengers’?

“The Avengers” will be screened in Malaysian cinemas beginning April 27.“The Avengers” will be screened in Malaysian cinemas beginning April 27.KUALA LUMPUR, April 26 — Whether you grew up reading the comics or, like me, are just someone who heard of The Avengers when the sneak-peeks were being released last year, I’m sure you know that the most hyped movie (check your Facebook News Feed, if you haven’t) is just around the corner.

Come tomorrow (April 27), you will see Marvel (and DC) fans queuing up at the cinemas and possibly someone cosplaying as one of the members of the Avengers. It is such a phenomenon that I won’t be surprised if I bump into The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor or Black Widow at the cinemas or, if I’m lucky, when I’m buying chocolates at the mall.

I spoke to some tried-and-true Avengers fans (who followed the comic series) and some who only heard of the Marvel superheroes through movies or other means of media. Imagine the shock I felt when one of the fans of the comics told me he and his group of friends are taking leave/calling in sick to catch the premiere.

Farhan Goh used to work in a comic book store and he’s a self-professed comic book nerd. I was curious to know why he is hell-bent on watching it on the first day.

“The same reason why people watch Harry Potter or Star Wars on the first day. Actually, no. It’s because we have been waiting for this kind of movie for years,” said Goh.

“Didn’t X-Men cut it?” I asked innocently, thinking that X-Men was a pretty good movie with a group of superheroes, too.

Goh “rebuked” me saying that X-Men is different and he starts on one of those comic geek talks. Goh wouldn’t call himself a true Avengers fan, though. So why the need to watch it so badly again?

“I have to pay tribute to these things. You don’t have to be a true fan to want to watch it. I just want comic book movies to do well,” said Goh.

Wow, that’s dedication for you. I wonder if I would queue up if there was a live-action Barbie movie coming out. Maybe not.

Indie filmmaker Arthur Liew was indifferent about The Avengers. I asked him whether it was because he was against the commercialism of the whole idea and he said, “Yeah, global capitalisation that drives economy through marketing techniques, promoting ideas that encourage mindlessness. But I’ll watch it if it’s free.” He didn’t follow the Avengers comic while growing up and I guess he likes niche movies because he’s into the whole indie film thing.

Zurairi AR is a DC fan but he’s keen on watching The Avengers on the first day of release. He finds that Marvel movies tend to have better film strategy as compared to DC Comics films.

“Marvel Cinematic Universe produced very good films like Iron Man, X-Men First Class, Thor — I found them faithful to the comics. Also, I find that the costumes in the movies look better than in the comics,” said Zurairi. He then showed me comparisons between the costumes from the movies and comics using his laptop.

A lot of my geeky and non-geeky friends already have plans to book or watch the movie on the first day. I still remember the hype of Star Wars and Harry Potter when it started. Maybe The Avengers will create a new phenomenon since those hyped movies have come and gone. I’m crossing fingers to bump into a good cosplay of Thor.


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