Artist in profile: Fyfe

Fyfe is winning rave reviews on indie blogs. – AFP picFyfe is winning rave reviews on indie blogs. – AFP pic

LONDON, Feb 4 – Fyfe, a mysterious Londoner, has set the music blogs alight with his debut single “Solace.”

Though the artist is pretty much an enigma beyond his location and age, he is winning rave reviews on indie blogs, with “Solace” described as “an accomplished dark pop song written by a very serious talent” (Blah Blah Blah Science) and as “a warm and understated gem of a track” (Pigeons and Planes).


The mysterious 23-year-old Londoner known as Fyfe is causing a huge stir on indie music blogs despite an apparent lack of self promotion on the artist’s part. The artist has dropped his debut effort, “Solace,” and there are rumors of a forthcoming EP expected to drop around March.

Why the buzz?  

Fyfe maintains a skeletal effort on social media sites such as Facebook, but his debut effort, “Solace,” caused a huge buzz after being dropped late in January.

NME named “Solace” a “must hear track” and the artist quickly climbed into the Hype Machine’s “most blogged artists” chart.

The music blog 405 described “Solace” as “a tranquil slab of alt-J folkstep seamlessly meshed with mammoth synth-choirs, 808s and soothing, sparse guitar,” while All Tomorrow Music called it “an engaging piece of experimental pop with post-rock and electronic elements.”

Turntable Kitchen also got excited about Fyfe, writing, “Bright tones and a warm, crisp guitar riff belie generally morose lyrics.”

Despite almost universal praise from the indie blogs, no one really knows much about the mysterious Fyfe. It remains to be seen whether or not the expected EP will bring more information to light.

What to listen to? 

Check out Fyfe’s debut, and currently only, track at soundcloud.

Where to see?

Given how little is currently known about Fyfe, tour dates are, for the moment, unlikely.

However keep an eye on his Facebook and Twitter accounts or head over to his equally sparse website at for hopes of gleaning more information. – AFP-Relaxnews


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