Cut Tari, Luna Maya declared suspects in celebrity sex video

JAKARTA, July 9 — A day after apologising to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and their fans, artists Cut Tari and Luna Maya have been named suspects for their alleged starring roles in the Peterporn sex tapes scandal.

National Indonesian Police have named artist Ariel Peterpan as another suspect.

“After a research conducted by experts, investigators have upgraded the status of Cut Tari and Luna Maya as suspects in violation of the Anti-Pornography Law,” Indonesian Police public relations chief Inspector-General Edward Aritonang said today.

With the inclusion of the duo, the police have so far named 12 suspects in the case.

Ariel, Cut Tari and Luna Maya may be charged with the Anti-Pornography Law and the Criminal Code for alleged starring roles in the sex tapes while nine other suspects for alleged violation of the Electronic Information and Transactions Law.

Cut Tari apologised to Susilo, her fans and her husband over the scandal at a news conference yesterday. Her husband was present. — Bernama