FX focuses on the Inca Empire and the Vietnam War

Scriptwriter and director Stephen Gaghan, who will produce the FX miniseries on the Vietnam War. — AFP file picScriptwriter and director Stephen Gaghan, who will produce the FX miniseries on the Vietnam War. — AFP file picLOS ANGELES, April 7 — American TV channel FX has started work on two historical miniseries, “Conquistadors” and “They Marched Into Sunlight”.

 The first will focus on the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire and the second will take a look at crucial events during the Vietnam War.

FX will delve into the history of the conquest of the Inca Empire in the 16th century and make it into a miniseries.

The plot will be based on the true story of Francisco Pizarro and Diego de Almagro, two Spanish conquistadors who invaded the Incas in South America in the 1530s.

Two teenagers — young Manco Inca and his sister and wife Cura Ocllo — will stand in their way and lead the biggest rebellion within their civilization.

Uprising will also be at the heart of “They Marched Into Sunlight”, a miniseries about the Vietnam War inspired by the writings of journalist David Maraniss.

The series will focus on two events that took place simultaneously in October 1967.

In the United States, the University of Wisconsin acts as a backdrop for a student protest to denounce the manufacturers of Napalm Dow Chemical. At the same time in Vietnam, the Black Lion battalion falls into an ambush.

These events will be recounted by Eric Simonson. Scriptwriter Stephen Gaghan, who won an Oscar for Steven Soderbergh’s “Traffic”, will produce. — AFP/Relaxnews


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